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Faculty Talks Outside the Box with Özlem Doğan Ekici

Faculty Talks Outside the Box

Tricking Cancer Pathways with Targeted Therapy

Özlem Doğan Ekici, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Friday, May 5, 12:00 p.m.
Norman R. and Althea E. Sleight Room #264
John L. and Christine Warner Library & Student Center
1219 University Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055

Over the past decade, cancer treatments have been evolving significantly into targeted therapies. Targeted therapies include monoclonal antibodies and small molecule inhibitors, and are generally much better tolerated than traditional chemotherapy. Small molecule inhibitors are drugs that interfere with the function of a specific important biomolecule in the cancer cells, hence altering the progression of cancer. Dr. Doğan Ekici will present her research on the development of a novel class of small molecule inhibitors for a validated anticancer target, the proteasome, known as the garbage disposal of the cell.

Free and open to the public.