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The Student Discursive Feedback (SDF) Instrument is an optional tool for collecting input from students. While the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI) is required for all classes, instructors may opt to use the SDF for their own personal benefit or as supplement to SEI scores and other data in the formal evaluation of their teaching.


Faculty Members who wish to use the SDF should:

  • Request an SDF envelope (with label affixed) from the Associate Dean’s Office (x69315 or

  • Complete the SDF template available Click Here:

  • Please note that you will have the option of listing your course objectives on this form and choosing up to two prompts from the list.

All SDF forms will automatically include the following prompt:

What did you like about this course? What did you dislike about this course? Would you recommend this course to others? Why or why not?

  • Print your completed SDF form and make copies for your class or, if you prefer, request that copies be made by the Services Center.

Prior to administration of the SDF, complete all the required information on the label. For labels marked “formative,” the envelope will be returned to the faculty member unopened after grades have been posted for the quarter. For labels marked “evaluative,” the envelope will be processed in the Associate Dean’s Office.  Forms will be summarized by the department coordinator or another appropriate faculty member, originals will be retained by the administration, and the copies returned to the faculty member after grades have been posted for the quarter. 

If multiple instructors are teaching the course, please emphasize that this evaluation is specifically for the instructor whose name appears at the top of the form.

Please do not say anything that might influence student responses.

Please distribute the forms prior to finals week.

Note to Student Proctor:

Please turn the forms so they all face in one direction and place them in the official envelope with unused forms at the bottom of the stack.

Sign and seal the envelope with the attached label and return immediately to the Services Center in Founders Hall.