The Ohio State University at Newark

Honors/Embedded Courses 2019-20


Honors Courses

Students seeking to fulfill the six-course Honors requirement by the end of their sophomore year should plan to do so by taking Honors versions of GE requirements or upper-level (4000+) courses. Upper-level courses, even if not designated as Honors, are considered Honors courses when taken by freshmen and sophomores. Please note that the 1-credit A&S 1102H classes offer enriching opportunities but do not contribute to the six-course minimum required in most majors. Consult your advisor and the Honors GE Guide to the B.A. and B.S. degrees when scheduling your other GEs. The Newark Honors course list for 2019-20 is available here.

We also offer what are called Honors-embedded (HE) classes. These classes, designated with an “E,” are non-honors courses in which students can earn Honors credit with permission of the instructor, who works with the student to design an honors component for the class. Please note that in most cases only tenured and tenure-line faculty can offer the Honors-embedded option. They will be listed as assistant professors, associate professors, or professors, in the Newark campus directory

Students interested in the HE option should sign up for the class and approach the professor about adding the Honors component after the first day of class. Only a limited number of classes are eligible for HE status. To search for an Honors-embedded course in Buckeye Link: narrow the options to the desired quarter, specify the Newark campus, and click on Additional Search Criteria to access the “course attribute” option. Choose “HON” for the course attribute and then “CHON” (honors) or “EHON” (Honors-embedded) for the course attribute value.