The Ohio State University at Newark

Honors FAQs


How do I join the Honors program at Newark?

Freshmen who have been admitted to Ohio State Newark should complete the brief online application (below). Priority deadline is April 15.

What are the benefits of Honors?

Priority scheduling, Honors classes (limited to 15 students), an Honors lounge (Warner 205B) with free printing and coffee, and the opportunity to participate in enriching 1-credit Honors courses. Joining Honors at Newark also positions students transitioning to Columbus to accumulate the required number of Honors courses and preferred GE courses to continue in Honors at that campus.

What do I have to do to stay in Honors?

To stay in the program, maintain a 3.4 GPA and take Honors courses as well as the GE courses recommended for Honors students. Honors students are expected to meet with Honors Advisor Jared Stearns before scheduling courses, in order to stay on track with the curricular requirements, and participate in Laurel Collegiate Society meetings and activities. To graduate with Honors distinction on your diploma, you will also need to fulfill the requirements of your major and college. Most students have majors in Arts and Sciences, which expects students to take six Honors or upper-level courses (4000 and above) by the end of their sophomore year and then design an Honors contract (coursework plan). If your major is in another college (such as Business, Education, or Social Work), requirements will vary. Contact your academic advisor or Honors Advisor Jared Stearns ( for more information.

What is an Honors contract?

The College of Arts & Sciences asks students who wish to graduate with Honors to create an Honors contract (coursework plan) and have it approved by the College. This is done at the end of your sophomore year, in consultation with an Honors advisor on the Columbus campus, who will help you determine what courses you need to take to fulfill the Honors requirements of your major.

Does Honors status transfer to Columbus?

Not automatically. Any time students change campuses or even majors, they must re-apply to Honors. Do not delay joining Honors at Newark, however, even if you plan to transition to Columbus. Being a Newark Honors member and taking Honors courses will give you a much better chance of getting into the Honors program on the Columbus campus. Students who have not taken Honors courses their first two years have a harder time fulfilling the requirements of the Honors program.

What is the Laurel Collegiate Society?

The Laurel Collegiate Society or LCS is the student organization for honors and honors-eligible students (those with a GPA of 3.4 or above). Contact LCS President Sarah Oleson, Vice President Katie Thomas or Advisor Willie Ho for more information.

How do I find Honors courses?

In BuckeyeLink, click “additional criteria” and enter HON and CHON in the “course attribute” and “course attribute value” boxes.

What are Honors embedded courses?

Occasionally, faculty members allow Honors students to earn Honors credit in a course that is not designated Honors. These can be found in Buckeye Link by searching “additional criteria” with HON as the course attribute and EHON as the course attribute value. Also, consult the Honors web site for a list of Honors and Honors-embedded classes for the academic year.

What if I have other questions about Honors at Ohio State at Newark?

Contact Honors Director Virginia Cope at