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Campus Re-Engagement

Newark Campus Re-Engagement

Keeping our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends safe is our top priority. As we gradually return to our campus, every Buckeye plays an important part in taking care of each other. We realize that this is a challenging time, but our strength has been and always will be people. The coronavirus is unlike anything we have seen, but we remain committed to providing our students a quality education. The Ohio State Newark campus remains open and focused on supporting student learning. We aim to maintain “business as usual” as much as possible with safety adjustments, while serving students and our communities.

Safe and Healthy Buckeyes Website

During this extraordinary time for our campuses and the world, your continued flexibility, cooperation and commitment are vital to our ability to return to campus and remain Together As Buckeyes. The Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website includes information and details related to physical distancing, campus readiness, classrooms, work spaces, housing, personal protection and hygiene, mental health and wellness resources, travel, and several other areas.

Newark Campus Re-Engagement

The safety of our students, faculty and staff remains our top priority during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. To assist students, faculty, staff and visitors for preparation for our phased return to on-campus operations for autumn semester, the information that follows will help you understand the next steps for campus re-engagement. Please remember that these plans are provisional and are subject to change at any time.

Campus Buildings

To facilitate faculty and staff preparations for autumn semester, the John L. and Christine Warner Library and Student Center will be unlocked and open for faculty/staff access on August 3, 2020, and most other campus buildings will be unlocked on August 17.

Beginning on August 3, the library will be staffed 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and the book drop in the Warner Center will be open. Contact-free materials pickups by appointment will also start within open hours.

Beginning on August 19, 2020, the Adena Hall Recreation Center will open for use with full regular hours, including Saturdays, to coincide with residence hall move in. In addition to all available federal, state, local and university guidelines, the Office of Student Life will also follow the guidance of national sports governing bodies to ensure that physical distancing practices and other safety protocols are in place for any recreational sports activities.

Student Access

Students will have access to all internal campus spaces during autumn semester, following physical distancing (six feet) and face-covering protocols. The Warner Center and other gathering areas such as the Hopewell Hall mall area, Founders Hall entry lounge, John Gilbert Reese Center lobby and the Jones Event Center in Jane C. and William T. McConnell Hall will be available to students with modifications to ensure physical distancing (i.e., spacing/rearranging of furniture).

Spaces should be managed by departmental staff to ensure physical distancing is maintained. At this point, we are not placing limits on the number of people within a space, since most classes will be offered in a remote format, limiting the number of students needing to come to campus. However, should this become an issue, we can revisit and adjust our plans as appropriate. We do, however, still anticipate having a regular contingent of students on campus. Students who are taking a class in person, who then have an online class shortly thereafter, may choose to stay on campus to take their online class. Students who do not have their own transportation will be dropped off and may remain on campus for extended periods of time. We will also have our resident students who may also choose to utilize available campus space.

We anticipate that not all students will have a strong enough home Internet connection to support a live Zoom class, and we expect some students will use campus space for those classes. The Reese Center computer lab will continue to be open for students, and we are adding a second computer lab in Founders Hall (room 180). Access to the Newark campus Wi-Fi will remain available in the Adena Hall parking lot.

Student Covid-19 Testing

Student Support Resources
Offices will be minimally staffed during autumn semester to provide assistance to those students with needs requiring in-person services. Students services are also being delivered remotely via phone and email.

On-campus Safety Protocols and Daily Cleaning

Face coverings and physical distancing are required for all individuals in all COTC and Ohio State buildings. Employees are required to wear face masks at all times except when alone in a private office or while eating food in the cafeteria. Masks must be worn in indoor settings, including, but not limited to: classrooms, common areas, conference rooms, shared office spaces, hallways and shared vehicles on all campuses. Masks must also be worn in outdoor spaces where individuals cannot maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Daily cleaning protocols are in place and will be fully implemented by mid-August. With these protocols in place, we should not need to close offices or buildings should the campus have a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Residence Hall Dining Services, Table of Contents and the Bean Counter

August 19 and 20: dining services will open in the Warner Center, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (limited menu).
August 21: open 8 a.m.-7 p.m. (limited menu) so food service will be available to students moving into the residence halls.
Beginning August 24: Table of Contents and the Bean Counter hours of operation:

  • Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday, noon-6 p.m.

All TOC orders will be conducted through Grubhub during autumn semester. Read more about those changes and about installing the Grubhub app for ordering at the TOC here. Snacks that are offered at the Reese Center Cyber Café can be ordered on the Grubhub app and picked up at the TOC.

Admitted and Prospective Students

Please review the information on these pages.

Alumni, Friends and Community Members

Campus events
Many already scheduled campus-sponsored events for faculty, staff and students have been suspended or will be held virtually. If you have a question about whether your event is still occurring, please reach out directly to the event organizer.

No new, non-essential events will be scheduled on campus through the end of autumn semester.

Ohio State Newark alumni events
All alumni association events have been suspended through the end of autumn semester. Please contact Pat Whilding at with any questions.

Campus Access for Employees

Beginning August 1, 2020, all COTC and Ohio State Newark employees will have access to the campus without making appointments through Public Safety/facilities. However, please be advised that employees should only come to campus for work that cannot be completed remotely. Those employees who are able to telework must continue to do so. Daily wellness checks will continue to be required for all faculty/staff prior to coming to campus.

Completeing a daily wellness check: Ohio State-paid employees can visit the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes daily health check site for instructions on recording their daily health check in the Ohio State mobile app or Masks are required in all public spaces and social distancing protocols must be followed.

Autumn Semester Staffing

Offices that are primarily student facing are expected to have a minimal on-campus presence during the autumn semester. We do expect these offices to be staffed during regular working hours with at least one staff member to provide assistance to those students with needs requiring in-person services. Those employees may return to campus the week of August 17. All other offices will continue to work remotely throughout the autumn semester. Coming back to campus because you want to is an unacceptable reason to return to campus if you can do your work from home.

Ohio State: Resumption of Research and Creative Expression Activities

Ohio State faculty who are resuming activities under the Staged Reopening of Research and Creative Expression should follow the dates assigned in that plan.

On-campus Groups and Meeting Protocols

Convening in groups increases the risk of viral transmission. Therefore, during time on-campus, employees are encouraged to communicate with colleagues and supervisors as needed by email, instant message, telephone or other available technology, rather than face-to-face. Employees can also use a range of available collaboration tools (e.g., Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, conference calls, etc.)

Departmental meetings should be conducted by virtual means (such as Zoom) whenever possible. If the meeting must be conducted in person, the participants will be limited to 10 or fewer and all must maintain appropriate physical distancing requirements and wear a face covering.

In an office setting, no more than one person should be in the room unless the required six feet of distancing can be consistently maintained.

Check Safe and Healthy Buckeyes (Ohio State) for the latest updates.

Additional Zoom Security Measures Coming July 30

In an effort to increase security and privacy for the campus community, all Zoom meetings will require a passcode beginning July 30, and the change will prevent users from turning off the passcode going forward. Passcodes will be applied to previously scheduled meetings and Personal Meeting ID links. If you have any upcoming meetings without a passcode, you will need to edit those meetings, as well as your Personal Meeting ID. Updating your Zoom meetings before July 30 will create a smoother experience for your attendees.