The Ohio State University at Newark

Amy Welling Gregg

I am a Social Justice Historian. My experience with teaching undergraduates includes both traditional in the classroom and online courses. I enjoy the challenge of successfully teaching small classes to large lecture settings. My research exists at the intersection of American history, medicine, pharmacy, and critical race theory. I explore the implications of this in a variety of matters concerning social justice, equality, and progression as it connects to undergraduate students of all disciplines today.
As a full-time lecturer at The Ohio State University-Newark, it is especially exciting to teach in multiple disciplines, Comparative Studies, History and Pharmacy. Two of my favorite courses are, "History of Public Health and Medicine" and "Introduction to the Humanities." Recently, I was hired by the College of Pharmacy to join the Generation Rx program, under Dr. Nicole Kwiek, to teach “Drug Culture in America.” It is my pleasure to return tot the College of Pharmacy, as I taught The History of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Ethics, with Dr. Robert Buerki, while earning my PhD.

It is with tremendous Alumni Pride that I am now a faculty member at my beloved The Ohio State University!

In January 2020, I delivered my 2019 Lloyd Fellowship Lecture, which discussed the development of nineteenth century American medicine and pharmacy. Following the Civil War, as medical fields became professionalized, Eclectic medicine, which was patient-driven and nature-based, came under attack by the emerging field of medicine, Allopathy. Albeit, both medical approaches were determined to practice scientific medicine, however, they divided sharply on the rapidly expanding practice of vivisection. My forth-coming article and manuscript delve into the debate between the two sides; the implicit biases that influenced the process of medical professionalism, and the resulting impact on medical training and treatments available today.

Areas of Expertise

My research involves the history of American Medicine and Pharmacy and how the process of professionalization of those disciplines impacted medicinal practices by American Indians and African Americans, women, and practitioners from working class Caucasians. My work is founded upon a consciousness of the importance of diversity, the moral acceptance of the “other,” and social justice.


PhD Comparative Studies The Ohio State University

MA Comparative Studies The Ohio State University

MA History Miami University

BA History Northern Kentucky University

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