The Ohio State University at Newark

Mary Lightbody

Dr. Mary Lightbody continues to teach education majors how to teach science in early and middle childhood classrooms in Ohio, a media literacy class, and a supervision of student teachers. She is one of the OSU Newark Canvas Affiliates and is able to help faculty and instructors with the design and use of Canvas for their courses. In addition, she is the Newark Campus Coordinator for TK20, a cloud storage system used by Education Teaching and Learning for documentation and accreditation. Dr. Lightbody works also closely with students and faculty in her department for assignments and licensure requirements that include significant technology dependent tasks.

She continues to be interested in the professional learning of in-service and pre-service teachers, with a focus on differentiation and the use of technology to support teaching and learning about science concepts that are difficult to teach and/or difficult to learn.

Dr. Lightbody served on the National Science Teachers Association Council as the District X Director (Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) from 2006-2009. She previously was the President of the Science Education Council of Ohio from 2004-2005, and taught at Otterbein College for two years from 2005-2007.

From 2004 - 2010 Dr. Lightbody serve as the State Coordinator for Science Matters in Ohio, formerly known as Building a Presence for Science, which was an electronic network of teachers of science in the state.

Areas of Expertise

Teacher Education

Science Education

Technology and Networking


Ph.D., Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education, The Ohio State University (2004)

Masters of Education, The Ohio State University (1992)

A.B., Harvard College