The Ohio State University at Newark

Greg Matthews

My academic life has been composed of many different areas of work. As an undergrad student at Miami University, I began with a focus in Mass Communication with a keen interest in the effect(s) of media on behavior, particularly on consumer behavior. After my first sociology class, my interests shifted from studying just media to studying media as just one part of the many social institutions and social forces that effect human behavior. My recent work has shifted to focus on the areas of gender, sexuality, family, and work. My research has included work on media representations of minority groups (race/gender/sexual/ethnic groups); identity construction and “gender performance”; the effects of gentrification on neighborhoods that are composed of mixed social groups; and the effects of gender, sexuality, family structure, and location (geographic and social) on income, wealth opportunities, financial satisfaction, and perceived financial status.

Areas of Expertise

Inequality & Social Stratification
Gender & Sexuality
Identity Construction & Social Psychology
Family SociologyConsumer Behavior & Consumer Culture
Media & Society


PhD, Sociology The Ohio State University
MBA, Marketing, Fisher College of Business - The Ohio State University
MA, Sociology, The Ohio State University
BA, Sociology, Miami University
BS, Mass Communication, Miami University