The Ohio State University at Newark

Physical Facilities


To provide the highest quality facilities and a physical environment that supports and promotes the academic programs of The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College

The Department of Facilities Planning and Operations oversees 9 major academic buildings, 3 residence halls and several small facilities equaling approximately 772,000 square feet of building space, residing on 200 acres of property at the Newark campus

Approximately 50 full-time employees and a number of part-time and student workers comprise this department. They form interconnected, principal management “teams” within the department focused on Administrative, Custodial, Extended Campus, Maintenance, Grounds, and Public Safety services. Other department functions include capital and master planning, project/construction management, event coordination, space utilization (HEI data reporting), prevailing wage reporting, academic scheduling of space, business continuity planning, facilities audits, and administration of safety and security operations for the general public (including insurance, OSHA, fire, and indoor-air quality reviews).

The Maintenance, Custodial and Grounds offices are responsible for:

  • building operations and maintenance
  • cleaning services
  • lawn and landscape services

The Project Management office is responsible for:

  • campus construction
  • renovation and restoration projects
  • current and future space planning

The Space Management office is responsible for:

  • the creation of a master schedule for classrooms and laboratories
  • the scheduling of meetings and events for faculty, staff and students
  • event support

The Public Safety office is responsible for:

  • safety of faculty, staff and students
  • traffic, parking and vehicle permits
  • criminal background checks
  • vehicle assistance


Maintenance Staff

 Dave Mettler - Building Maintenance Superintendent

Steve Riley - Building Operations Technician 1

Anthony Merriman - Plumber 1

 Bryan Woolard - Construction Technician 1

Kyle Lumbatis - Electrician 2

John McDonald - Building Supervisor, Coshocton Campus

Kevin Metz - Assistant Building Supervisor, Coshocton Campus

Jim Wright - Building Supervisor, Pataskala Campus

Robert Drakeford - Assistant Building Supervisor, Pataskala Campus

Mark Miller - Building Supervisor, Knox Campus

Kirk Tarr - Assistant Building Supervisor, Knox Campus


  • Maintenance of campus wide digital control system that monitors building operations and conditions 24 hours a day.
  • Maintenance of basic building systems: heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation.
  • Maintenance of kitchen equipment , restroom and shower fixtures, and drinking fountains.
  • Renovation and remodeling of walls, doorways, ceilings, lighting, interior painting, woodwork, baseboard, and carpet.
  • Construction of custom shelving, cabinets, and countertops using a wide variety of materials.
  • Technical Support for campus events with special and lighting requirements.
  • Assist Grounds Department with repair of equipment. especially during snow removal season.


Custodial Staff

Norman Holmes - Housekeeping Manager

Matt Thorbahn - Custodial Work Supervisor

Vacant - Custodial Work Supervisor


1st Shift 6:00 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.

Warner Center: Raymond Hill

Lefevre Hall: Douglas Gill

Founders Hall: Kevin Meyer

Hopewell Hall: Dennis Beach

2nd Shift 4:00 P.M. - 12:30 A.M.

Reese Center: Chanel Thompson

Lefevre Hall: Brian Ramsey

Founders Hall East: Richard Mathis

Founders Hall West: Vacant

Hopewell Hall South: Sam Irvin

Hopewell Hall North: Logan Pennington

Warner Center: Lee Ann Hensley

North Classroom Building: Matt Thorbahn

Adena Hall: Betty Snelling

Floater Position: Vacant

Special Shift 10:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M. or adjustment by needs of the university

Reese Center: Linda Chadwick


  • Daily Removal of trash and garbage from campus buildings.
  • Cleaning of buildings and restrooms, which includes sweeping, damp mopping, dusting, polishing, sanitizing, window washing, power washing, carpet extraction, scrubbing with automatic floor scrubber, and restocking of towel, soap, and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Event set-up, tear down and clean-up for both in-house and outside organizations.
  • Overtime support for events.
  • Assist with office moves.
  • Maintain custodial equipment.
  • Report custodial equipment malfunctions.
  • Report needed building repairs.
  • Report building system malfunctions.
  • Report security violations and/or suspicious activity.
  • Lock or unlock as scheduled or directed.

Cleaning Priorities:

  • Trash removal
  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms and laboratories
  • Public Areas (student dining rooms, lounges, library, hallways, etc.)
  • Offices


Grounds Staff

Dan Longstreth - Grounds Superintendent

David Dowell - Groundskeeper 3

Andrew Moran - Groundskeeper 2

Charles Courson - Groundskeeper 1

Vacant - Groundskeeper 1


  • Care of campus grounds, which includes mowing, weeding, leaf removal, turf renovation, ornamental and herbaceous planting, pruning and removals; fertilization of turf and plant material, and the application of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Daily policing of campus grounds and the Rotary Pavilion complex to remove trash and debris from lawn, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, building entryways and handicapped playground.
  • Maintenance and repair of trucks, tractors, bat-wing mowing deck, Versavac lawn sweeper, Grasshopper riding mowers, John Deere Gators, maintenance van, golf carts, snow plows, lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws and hand tools.
  • Removal of snow and ice from parking lots, roadways and sidewalks.
  • Landscape design services.
  • Coordinate activities of the "Adopt-a-Garden" Club composed of faculty, staff and volunteers.
  • Assist with office moves.

Space Management

Space Management Staff

Jeremy Pursley - Space Management Coordinator

Tim McVay- Event Coordinator


  • Creation of semester master schedule for classrooms and laboratories in conjunction with COTC and Ohio State Newark.
  • Creation of semester final examination in conjunction with COTC and Ohio State Newark.
  • Scheduling of meeting and events for campus faculty, staff and student organizations.
  • Publication of daily, weekly and monthly event schedules on Webviewer.
  • Schedule set-up tear down, clean-up and overtime for in-house events for all buildings.
  • Serve as liaison with Conference Services regarding event set-up, tear down, clean-up and overtime for Reese Center events.
  • General office support for the Superintendent of Facilities, Project Manager and Project Coordinator.
  • Maintain the Facilities Planning and Operations website.


  • Provide a safe, clean, healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Provide facilities that operate day and night without interruption
  • Promote excellent customer service
  • To be proactive in understanding the changing needs of our customers
  • Facilitate the efficient and effective management of resources
  • Provide appropriate employee development and training
  • Contribute to the success of the Newark Campus