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Academy Program - CCP

The Academy Program is College Credit Plus at Ohio State

College Credit Plus (CCP) is a statewide program that allows qualified students the opportunity to enroll in college classes before high school graduation. CCP provides students with dual enrollment credit. Students earn both high school and college credit, at no cost to students and families.

Who can participate?

  • College-ready students in grades 7–12
  • Ohio residents

What does CCP cover?

  • CCP will cover the cost of tuition, books and fees.
  • Students enrolled in public schools will receive funding through their schools.
  • Students enrolled in non-public schools and those who are home schooled are eligible to apply for funding through the state.

Where do students take classes?

  • Classes are offered on the Newark campus.
  • Students interested in taking classes on the Columbus campus or online, visit for more information.

What materials are required to apply?

  • Online application available at
  • High school information form signed by school counselor or principal
  • Official transcript of course work
  • Standardized test scores that meet the state College Readiness Standards
    • ACT: English – 18; Reading – 22; Math – 22
    • SAT (taken March 2016 or later): Evidence Based Reading and Writing – 480; Mathematics – 530
    • Next Generation ACCUPLACER: Writing – 263; Reading – 250; Math – 263

What are the application deadlines?

  • Spring Semester 2022: October 15, 2021
  • Summer Semester 2022: February 15, 2022
  • Autumn Semester 2022: May 1, 2022
  • Non-public and home schooled students who plan to apply for state funding: March 1, 2022


C.R. Barclay
Senior Admissions Counselor and CCP Academic Advisor

College Credit Plus Information Night

  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022
  • 6:00-7:30 p.m.

High school students and their families are invited to Ohio State Newark's CCP Information Night. Join us to learn about the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program, otherwise known as College Credit Plus. Staff will discuss benefits, outline faculty expectations and give insights to the type of student who will excel in this competitive academic setting.

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Rachel Orr graduated from Utica High School in June 2018

An honor student and three-sport athlete, she participated in College Credit Plus (CCP) at The Ohio State University at Newark. Now she’s on her way to becoming an army officer at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

Check out our question and answer segment below for more insight into the CCP program from a student who has been through the program.

How did the CCP program at Ohio State Newark help prepare you for West Point?

It definitely helped me balance my course load and my outside activities, which I need to do at West Point as well. So my homework, courses, preparing for exams as well as practices and games for my sports teams at Utica was definitely a challenge. But taking CCP courses really helped me prepare for all that I am experiencing in college.

What was the most challenging part of the CCP program for you?

Being able to balance my coursework here at Ohio State and at Utica was definitely a challenge, but it was something that I learned to overcome. So being involved in outside activities and balancing CCP is something that I got a lot better at than when I first started here as a junior.

What was it like to take classes on the college campus?

When I first arrived on campus I was a little nervous because I was so young and there where real college kids around me. So it was different, but it was something that I adapted to very easily. I met friends in my classes, and I was able to hang out with them in the library and eat lunch with them. It takes a minute to get warmed up to it, but it doesn’t take long. People here are really easy to reach out to and make friends with.

How different was the work load that you did in CCP compared to your high school course load?

There was definitely a lot more papers I would say. I have written 30-plus papers here at Ohio State and not as many at my high school. But with that I have learned how to write well-organized papers. I got a lot better through my junior and senior year, so it’s definitely helped me. When I write application essays or just an essay for school I know how to now.

What advice would you give to the students who are considering CCP right now?

Taking CCP courses really sets you apart from your peers. And once you start applying to colleges, and they see that you already have taken college courses, that really stands out to admissions people. So it’s very important if you want to be a standout applicant. Taking CCP courses is very important.