The Ohio State University at Newark



The mission of the gallery is to cultivate an appreciation for and understanding of the arts and to serve as a visual arts center and resource for both the campus and the surrounding community. To accomplish this, the gallery will present exhibitions, related activities (lectures, workshops, films, and other educational programs, etc.), and publications that represent a wide range of media, cultures, and time periods and will include a focus on artistic excellence; diversity of aesthetic traditions; attention to cultural contexts represented within the Ohio State University at Newark campus and within the city of Newark community; nurturing of artists’ experimentation and growth; and the educational potential of exhibitions, lectures, and publications.

Exhibitions are intended to complement the university’s curriculum and other interdisciplinary academic programs. The LeFevre Art Gallery is a place where new ideas are explored, and where students are encouraged to discover, through the close study of artwork and other objects, the past and continued cultural importance of artworks and art making.