The Ohio State University at Newark

Records Management Policy

OSU Records Management Policy

APPLIES TO: All faculty, staff, student employees, vendors, and volunteers

Ohio State’s General Records Retention Schedule (General Schedule) accounts for the management and disposition of university record series that are common to many units across campus. In addition, there are units on campus that have record series that are unique to their operations and therefore have a unique records retention schedule in addition to the General Schedule. All schedules, general or unique, are developed by the University Archives in consultation with campus and unit representatives.

A records retention schedule is a comprehensive list of record series, indicating for each the length of time the series is to be maintained and its disposition. A record series is a group of related records filed and/or used together as a unit and therefore evaluated as a unit for retention and disposition purposes.

All Ohio State units must familiarize themselves with the General Schedule, and have an understanding of what records—paper-based and electronic—they create and/or receive and are required to manage. Units must conduct an inventory of their records and map them to the General Schedule.

If a unit identifies record types that do not map to the General Schedule, the unit should contact the University Archives to discuss the creation of a unique schedule. All unit unique schedules must be signed by the University Archivist and an appropriate unit representative.

Please contact the University Registrar for access to the following records: Course Bulletins, Enrollment Statistics, and Student Records