The Ohio State University at Newark

Library Fines & Fees

A $10.00, per day, fine is charged if you do not return materials that someone else has requested. No overdue fines are charged on materials not requested by someone else. However, if you do not respond to overdue notices, the item will be declared lost and billed and you will be charged to replace the item. Fines are charged on overdue reserve materials ($2.00 for the hour, $5.00 per hour thereafter). Failure to return materials and pay fines will result in a hold being placed on your records.

Unlike OSU, OhioLINK and SearchOhio overdue fines are charged at the rate of $.50 per day whether the item has been recalled or not. OhioLINK items are assumed lost if overdue more than 30 days. A $50.00 fine will be charged for items that are assumed lost and then returned. SearchOhio items lost will be billed $25.00 if more than 30 days overdue. Fines may be paid online or at Fees and Deposits.

Payment of Fees

Please contact us for assistance.

Fine Appeals

University Libraries make every effort to regulate fines according to well defined standards. However, under some circumstances you may have sound reasons for appealing a fine. Please review the Libraries' Circulation Services and Policies prior to filing an appeal.

All Appeals must be submitted using the Library Appeal Form. Patrons can expect a response within 5 business days during normal activity levels.

Appeals must be submitted using the form within thirty days, (1) month, of the fine date to be considered. Please include copies of receipts, library notices, and other useful documentation when submitting the Library Appeal Form.

All reasonable concerns related to Library charges will be considered; however, the following are NOT considered reasons on which an appeal can be based:

  • Lack of understanding of Library policies. Circulation policies are available on the web and are the responsibility of the patron to read and understand.
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for materials checked out to you which you loaned to another person or allowed others to use.
  • Non-receipt, late receipt, or inattention to library email notification. Renewal reminders are sent as a courtesy by the Libraries; therefore, it is the patrons' responsibility to monitor My Library Account and ensure prompt renewal of items with or without these reminders. Patrons not reading e-mail due to conferences, vacations, holidays, semester breaks, etc, are still responsible for responding. It is the patron's responsibility to make arrangements for maintenance of their account during these times of absence.