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‘Behind the Science’ Adult Program Coming to The Works This Fall

September 7, 2018

The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology, in partnership with The Ohio State University at Newark, will be hosting Behind the Science, a new series of educational experiences for adults on the third Thursday of each month beginning in September. Aimed at adults who enjoy lifelong learning, guests will hear from dynamic speakers about current science topics, from astronomy to zoology, in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Behind the Science is free for Works’ members’ $10 per person for nonmembers.

The first Behind the Science, presented by astrophysicist and Ohio State Newark Associate Professor Michael Stamatikos, Ph.D. will be “Monsters of the Cosmos.” Guests are invited to join Dr. Stamatikos on September 20 as he explores the time-bending and mysterious anomalies of gravity in outer space.

The full list of 2018 speakers and topics include:
• September 20 – Monsters of the Cosmos - Dr. Michael Stamatikos, The Ohio State University at Newark
There are monsters out in the cosmos that nothing, not even light, can escape. Join astrophysicist Michael Stamatikos and explore these time-bending mysterious anomalies of gravity

• October 18 – Our Dynamic Earth - Luke Messinger, The Dawes Arboretum
What would life be like without plants? Not possible. Find your roots and discover how life as we know it depends on our photosynthetic friends

• November 15 – Secrets of the Spider Web - Dr. Todd Blackledge, University of Akron
Stronger than steel and more elastic than a rubber band, spider silk has applications from medicine to the military. Join the real-life Spider Man and discover the amazing biology of spiders and their silk.

• December 20 – Your Place in the Universe - Dr. Paul Sutter, The Ohio State University
How is a galaxy billions of light-years away connected to us? Is our home nothing more than a tiny speck of blue in an ocean of night? Join cosmologist Paul Sutter on an exciting quest to understand our big, messy existence.

Presentations run from 6 to 7 p.m. Seats are limited, so reservations are recommended. To reserve your spot, call Guest Services at 740-349-9277 or visit

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