The Ohio State University at Newark

Academic Programming: Initiatives

Ohio State Newark offers rigorous academic programming devoted to excellence and designed to meet Ohio’s educational needs. We plan to increase the flexibility of our course schedule add courses that make it easier for students to pursue degrees in STEM fields. We also plan to broaden the range of enriched learning opportunities.

Expand availability of courses

  • Make better use of enrollment projections to schedule lower-level math and English courses
  • Add more second-year courses in the sciences and in engineering to help students get into their intended majors after they change to the Columbus campus

Add degree-completion programs

  • Work with the College of Engineering to develop a degree program in applied engineering
  • Explore extending degree programs that address Ohio’s workforce needs

Add enriching learning opportunities

  • Offer more education-abroad opportunities
  • Develop courses that involve the Newark Earthworks
  • Offer freshman research seminars
  • Continue and perhaps repurpose the Newark Earthworks Center
  • Increase internship opportunities