The Ohio State University at Newark


Our guideposts, the Time and Change plan and the Regional Campus Vision and Goals document, pointed us very strongly to a singular strategic focus: student success. With that focus in mind, we looked to the results of our environmental scan to help us identify strategic initiatives to help us increase retention and graduation rates for all students and reduce disparities in retention and graduation rates across categories of race and ethnicity. Our initiatives fall into three areas: the student experience, academic programming, and access and affordability.

The Time and Change Plan

Three of the Time and Change plan's five pillars are highly relevant to the mission of the regional campuses. Pillars I, II, and V address the following:

I: Teaching and Learning
Ohio State will be an exemplar of the best teaching, demonstrating leadership by adopting innovative, at-scale approaches to teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.

II: Access, Affordability, and Excellence
Ohio State will further our position as a leading public university offering an excellent, affordable education and promoting economic diversity.

V: Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship
Ohio State will be an exemplar of best practices in resource stewardship, operational effectiveness, and efficiency and innovation.

The strategies and initiatives we developed through our strategic planning process align with these three pillars. The campus will continue to engage in a broad range of activities, including research, innovation, creative expression, community outreach, and community engagement, but the strategies and initiatives in this document will be our top priorities. Below, the strategies and initiatives appear in the context of pillars I, II, and V of the Time and Change plan.

Regional Campus Vision and Goals Document

Pillars I, II, and V of the Time and Change strategic plan link with the Regional Campus Vision and Goals document’s recommendation that the regional campuses strive for inclusive excellence by improving graduation and retention rates and bringing underrepresented groups’ rates into line with those of whites.