The Ohio State University at Newark

Letter from the Dean

The founders of The Ohio State University at Newark aspired to establish a local campus in the scenic rolling hills of east central Ohio, one that would expand access to the state’s flagship institution to local citizens. The success of that vision is evident. Ohio State Newark has become Ohio State’s largest regional campus and provides opportunities for students to complete some degrees entirely in Newark or to transition to the Columbus campus and finish there

For several decades, the founding vision for the campus also served as the campus’s mission. Over the past two decades, the Columbus campus has become more selective in its admissions while Ohio State Newark has remained an open-enrollment campus. Additionally, tuition at the Newark campus has not increased at the same rate as it has at the Columbus campus, and travel time between Columbus and Newark has lessened considerably. Consequently, the campus has become attractive to Ohioans from beyond our region, and our students come from nearly 70 of Ohio’s 88 counties. Consequently, the campus’s mission has transitioned from one of providing access to the university for people in our geographic region to one of providing access for the entire state.

Recognizing that our new mission presents us with new opportunities and new challenges, we sought to develop a plan that represents a shared and aspirational vision of our common future. Our Strategic Planning Steering Committee and the Ohio State Newark Board led us through a dynamic and transparent planning process in which we engaged in deep and critical thinking and consulted broadly with our stakeholders. Members of the community, area businesses and industries, alumni, K-12 representatives, parents, benefactors, campus partners, leaders from the Columbus campus, faculty, students, and staff participated in the planning process. The Ohio State University's mission, vision, and values, our Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, President Drake’s 2020 Vision served as anchors for our work, and the Time and Change strategic plan and the Regional Campus Vision and Goals document served as our guideposts.

Our planning process started in January of 2016 and ended in the spring of 2018. The result is a bold new vision to become a national model for regional campuses of public universities. To fulfill that vision, we have developed a strategic plan with one central focus: student success. We will measure our progress by the degree to which we increase retention and graduation rates, and by the degree to which we reduce disparities in retention and graduation rates across
categories of race and ethnicity. Ohio State Newark is a remarkable campus with inquisitive students, dedicated faculty and staff, and unparalleled community support. We are part of the “seas of care” that Carmen Ohio composer Fred Cornell believed would sustain Ohio State graduates through the darkest of times. We have an exciting plan to energize those seas, and I am confident that we will fulfill our vision.


William L. MacDonald
Executive Dean of the Regional Campuses
Dean and Director of The Ohio State University at Newark