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Diversity Through Artistry


Diversity Through Artistry

DTA is an original Ohio State Newark & Central Ohio Technical College art program, specifically designed for youth to express the meaning of diversity using their imagination through various forms of mediums such as paints, 3-D sculptures, sketching, clay, and digital design. Students, staff and faculty can volunteer their time, 35 minutes to one-hour, one day or multiple days over an eight week period. The art work will be displayed on campus with a reception for the youth and their families and volunteers.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for this community service project to work with 3rd graders at a local elementary school. The program was awarded the Equity and Inclusion Award 2012 from Ohio Colleges of Professional Administrators (OCPA)

To sign up or for additional information, contact V. Taylor, Department Manager for Multicultural Affairs at,, or (740) 366-9443.

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