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Student Life-Disability Services

Our Staff

Staff members at Student Life-Disability Services (SL-DS) are specialists in particular areas. You will meet with someone who is trained and knowledgeable, who will work with you on issues of academic accommodations, disability adjustment, learning strategies, advocacy skills, and transition.

Staff members are involved in a variety of additional activities. At times they act as advocates for students to ensure access to appropriate accommodations or they may serve as consultants to faculty and staff on disability-related issues. They provide in-service training to the community as well as participate in various campus committees. The primary goal of each staff member, however, is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to our college and the education they seek.

Director, Student Life-Disability Services
Connie Zang, M.A.

Interprets documentation for students to determine extent of functional limitations according to ADA-AA and 504 guidelines. Determines academic adjustments. Develops policy and procedure in accordance with federal and state regulations and state of the art practices. Serves as program and budget developer and manager of Perkins Grant. Designated 504 coordinator for both institutions; assures compliance and coordinates periodic review audits.

Access Specialist, Student Life-Disability Services
Shannon Donley

Reviews and interprets documentation in accordance with ADA-AA and 504 of Rehabilitation Act to determine accommodations appropriate to functional limitations. Does student intakes and makes referrals to other departments and campus or community services as necessary. Collaborates with faculty to ensure that accommodation needs are met in the classroom. Assists with training students on adaptive technology.

After documentation is reviewed, the student will receive a phone call from an SL-DS staff person acknowledging its receipt and indicating if additional information is needed. Please be certain to include your current phone number with the documentation.

The Office for Disability Services is located in:

Warner Center 226
1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 364-9578
1-800-9NEWARK (Ohio)
(740) 364-9646 (FAX)