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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use the Writer's Studio for?

You can sign up for a tutorial and meet with a tutor, or you can use the Studio for a quiet place to study, read, write, or complete coursework. The Writer's Studio has two large rooms and one small room available for quiet study. Each Writer's Studio room offers ample desk space, even couches and lounge chairs.

Will my tutor proofread my paper? 

No, tutors do not proofread or copyedit papers. They do, however, listen, question, comment, provide feedback, and make suggestions to help you recognize both strengths and weaknesses in your writing.

How many tutoring sessions can I sign up for in a week?

You can sign up for one to four sessions in one week. You can schedule two of these sessions on the same day. Sessions are thirty minutes long.

Can I print my essay at the Writer's Studio?

Yes, you may print any essay from any OSU class. You cannot print research or personal materials. You must sign up for a tutoring session to be able to use our printers.

Does the Writer's Studio have laptops? 

Yes, the Writer's Studio offers OSU students access to 16 different Dell laptops. Just provide your BuckID, or another form of ID (driver's license, etc.), to a Writer's Studio employee and ask to use a laptop.

Can a Writer's Studio tutor work with me on any essay? 

That's right. Our tutors are trained and prepared to review any essay from any course. That means Psychology, Sociology, Education, History, Anthropology, Economics, and many more course writing assignments are welcome at the Writer's Studio.

Can the Writer's Studio help me with a cover letter or resume? 

Yes, our tutors can help you improve your applications, resumes, and cover letters.

I'm a faculty/staff member. Can I use the Studio? 

Absolutely. You can ask tutors to present information about the Studio's services in your classroom. You can also use our resource books and pamphlets. And you can have a one-on-one consultation with the Assistant Coordinator or a Peer Writing Consultant.

Can I drop off my paper or email it to the Studio? 

No, in order to have your essay looked at by a tutor, you have to schedule a tutoring session and sit down with one of our tutors.