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Natural Science

Social Science



Human Reproduction and Development

Skeletal System

Cellular Respiration
Cellular Metabolism and Fermentation
Creating ATP

DNA/RNA ReplicationProtein Production

Endocrine System
Pathophysiology of Endocrine System

Human Anatomy


Muscular Tissue

Homeostasis, Excretion, and Kidneys

Nervous SystemNeurons

Digestive System
Digestive Tract


Urinary System/Kidney

Foreign Language

Study Skills

Assistive Technology

Commercial Assistive Technology contributes, significantly, to enhancing the quality-of-life, independence and employability of millions of people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many individuals, social organizations, schools and government agencies cannot afford to purchase it. Further more, there are many additional situations that preclude people with disabilities from accessing, using... or continuing to use commercial AT. For example, when K-12 schools purchase AT for use by their students... the schools own the AT. Often this situation precludes students with disabilities from being able to take the schools AT home with them to complete homework assignments... or to their local libraries to help them study and surf the web with their friends.

When students graduate from high school they no longer have access to the AT that contributed to their success and independence as part of their K-12 education. The ability for high school students with disabilities to transition from high school to college, or into work environments, can also be negatively impacted.

Free Assistive Technologies can help to mitigate these problems. It is this end that we dedicate and maintain this website. Questions and comments may be addressed to Steve Jacobs, President IDEAL Group, Inc. and CEO, Online Conferencing Systems, Inc.