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Faculty Awards

2017 Teaching Excellence Award Nomination Form

2016 Campus Service Award

This year the Service Award in the category Tenured is awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Weiser, English.

The committee was greatly impressed by Dr. Weiser's outstanding level of service to our campus and the broader community over the last three years, in addition to expected level of service to the university and your discipline.

  • The committee was impressed with the variety of ways in which she engages with the community including leadership development, establishing the Communications Committee,
  • Activities such as editing and grant writing specifi cally geared to serving outside of her discipline, and arranging internships with local community organizations, among other activities.

Tenure track:
This year the Service Award in the category Tenure-Track is awarded to Dr. Niles Johnson, Mathematics.

The committee was highly impressed by Dr. Johnson's outstanding level of service to our campus and the broader community over the last
three years, in addition to expected level of service to the university and his discipline.

  • The committee was impressed with the breadth of his service in areas that include our campus, the university at large, his profession and community outreach.
  • Activities such as the Pi Measurement Challenge and the Geometry for Teachers Workshop were particularly noteworthy services to the profession and community.

Scholarly Accomplishment Award 2016

The committee has chosen Dr. Alan Loper, Mathematics, to be the recipient of the 2016 Scholarly Accomplishment Award, Tenured category.

The committee was greatly impressed by Dr. Loper's consistent and top-level research throughout his career as indicated by the unrestrained praise given by his colleagues in the fi eld.

  • "Alan Loper is one of the best commutative algebraists in the world... , it is a moral imperative to recognize his work on all levels."
  • Testifying to the quality of his publications, one letter states, "Publication of a single article in any one of these journals would be a career highlight."
  • "It would be hard to overestimate Alan's impact on the fi eld, especially on the Italian schools of algebra research in Rome and Padova, the algebra/number theory research group in Marseilles, and the factorization theory research group in Graz, Austria."

The committee has chosen Dr. Melissa Buelow, Psychology, to be the recipient of the 2016 Scholarly Accomplishment Award, Tenure- Track category.

The committee was highly impressed by Dr. Buelow's prolifi c scholarly output of 23 published or in-press manuscripts and another 17 under-review or in-preparation; her productivity is exceptional.

  • Dr. Buelow's work is frequently cited and \transcends multiple specialty areas within psychology and should be quite impactful to the fi eld."
  • The committee was impressed by her boundless energy and enthusiasm for publishing her work.
  • We were impressed by the relevance of her work to central domains of research in social and health psychology facilitating a successful program of collaboration with students, her faculty peers in Newark, among the larger Psychology Department at the Columbus campus, and nationally.

Excellence in Teaching Award 2016

The subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Dr. Elizabeth Weiser, English, with the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award for Tenured faculty.

The committee was very impressed with Dr. Weiser's commitment to teaching and successfully challenging her students with difficult material. We were highly impressed by the detailed and quality feedback she provides her students on their work.

  • Extremely kind and always willing to help."
  •  I have taken several classes with Dr. Weiser in the past year and I believe that this has been one of the most positive experiences in my college career."
  •  Few people have challenged me to perform better - as a student or as a person - than Dr. Weiser has, and that to me is the meaning of excellence in teaching."

The subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Dr. Niles Johnson, Mathematics, with the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award for Tenure-Track faculty.

The committee was greatly impressed at the respect and enthusiasm that Dr. Johnson's students have generated for the material and for him as a teacher.

  •  He spends quality time discussing topics and answering all questions. One of the few professors who actually give their all to the students.
  •  Niles is my favorite professor at Newark, and he has always been able to help when I struggle and makes each student engaged and feel important in class.
  •  Niles is by far the best math teacher I have ever had. This class (and all classes I have taken with him) have given me far more comprehension than I have ever had.
  •  He is the most caring and dedicated.

The subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Dr. Shauna Weyrauch, with the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award for Lecturer.

The committee was very impressed with Dr. Weyrauch's use of creative methods to motivate students to work hard in a difficult introductory class and to stimulate interest among students.

  • She does a great job at keeping her class both challenging and interesting and is genuinely kind and caring towards students.
  • Professor Weyrauch took every step in order to ensure that all students were able to understand and learn the material.
  • She was always excited in her teaching and presented the material in the best ways possible for learning.
  • The class material is tough, but if you study and attend class you will do great. I loved the class.

Robert A. Barnes Award 2016

The Robert A. Barnes Award 2016 has been awarded to Dr. Dionisio Viscarri, Spanish.
The committee was tremendously impressed by Dr. Viscarri's over-whelmingly positive student responses from all of his courses, as well as his consistent efforts to engage and maximize the learning experiences and accomplishments of all his students.

  • He has played a signi cant role in my past, present, and future. I always recommend him to other students and I want more people to recognize what profound impact he is capable of. He is able to change your life from the very first day."
  •  The class was an eye opener for me. It reminded me of how exciting it can be to attend a class run by a skilled instructor."
  • Dr. Viscarri led 22 Newark campus students to Costa Rica, the culmination of a years intensive work developing an education abroad opportunity to enrich student learning.
  •  One of the support letters stated that "... the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It was one of our most successful and popular study abroad opportunities, one we will undoubtedly run again."

Best New Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

This year the Research Mentor award in the category Best New Undergraduate Research Mentor is awarded to Dr. Michael Stamatikos, Physics.

One of his research students indicated that Dr. Stamatikos is an excellent mentor. His passion for his work shows, and his expertise encourages students to become more involved in research. Since starting at Ohio State Newark, Dr. Stamatikos has mentored 5 students, several of whom have continued their research with him even after transitioning to the Columbus campus. His students have been very successful at the Ohio State Newark Undergraduate Research Forum, with one 1st place and two 2nd place finishers. One of his students has been accepted to a summer research program at the Aerospace Department of Texas A&M University.

Faculty Award for Mentoring of Undergraduate Research

This year the Research Mentor award in the category of Mentoring of Undergraduate Research is awarded to Dr. Stephanie Brown, English.

One of her research students described Dr. Brown as very supportive. She has encouraged her students to apply for research grants through the Newark and Columbus campuses, which has allowed for the ability to conduct research at the Science Fiction Archive at the University of Liverpool. In addition, she has encourage her students to present a local and national research conferences. As one student state, "Before I was not confident about my ability to complete academic research and the prospect of graduate school. Now I have the self-confidence to believe that I have a chance to pursue higher education."

Dr. Brown has been mentoring undergraduate student researchers since arriving at the Ohio State Newark campus. Her students have presented at the National Council on Undergraduate Research and the National Collegiate Honors Council annual conference. Her students have graduated with research distinction following successful completion of senior thesis projects. One of her current thesis students just won 1st place at the Ohio State Newark Research Forum. A recent graduate, who completed a thesis project with Dr. Brown, was just accepted into a graduate program at Oxford University. Students who took part in a study abroad program in Berlin, led by Dr. Brown, are in the process of applying to present their research at the National Collegiate Honors Council conference this year.

2015 Campus Service Award

The Service Award subcommittee has selected two winners of the 2015 Service Award in two categories. These recipients were selected from a very competitive pool of 11 nominations.

Tenured: Karen Goodell
This year the Service Award in the category Tenured is awarded to Dr. Karen Goodell.

Dr. Goodell’s dedication and hard work is described by one of the supporters as “When we need someone reliable who will tackle the job without ego but with determination and hard work, Karen is one of those people we turn to. Her willingness to step up and do whatever needs to be done, to fill in when others leave gaps, and to go the extra mile makes her a model of service to our community.”

On the Newark Campus, Dr. Goodell has served on several Ohio State Newark faculty assembly committees including chairing the Academic Affairs Committee during the 2011-2012 academic year, alternate ombudsman for the faculty assembly in 2012, unit budget manager for Biology and the Baker Biology Lab. Since Fall 2014, she has been serving as the Chair of Faculty Assembly, which is a very important and active service role for our campus. As a member of the Ohio State Newark P & T Deliberating committee, she participated in several 4th and 6th year reviews and chaired the subcommittees of two 6th year review candidates.

She has also numerous contributions to her professional community such as reviewing manuscripts for scholarly journals, reviewing grant proposals, and organizing symposia. Dr. Goodell’s engagement with her department is also remarkable. She has been actively involved in her department by attending the monthly faculty meetings, hosting seminar speakers, and advising graduate students.

On top of her service activities mentioned above, Dr. Goodell has also contributed to the local and regional community through public lectures, judging of science fairs, and participation in science education/outreach activities.

Tenure-track: Kenneth Madsen

This year the Service Award in the category Tenure-Track is awarded to Dr. Kenneth Madsen.

Dr. Madsen has outstanding contributions to student activities on campus, as he served as advisor of the Newark Campus Somalian Connection (2009-2012) and later the Muslim Students Organization. In addition to his advisory work at the Newark Campus, he is currently serving as the chair of the Library Committee and has served on the Newark Earthworks Center Advisory Committee, the Study Abroad Advisory Council, and the Honors Advisory Council.

He has also actively involved in his professional as a session chair, committee member for various professional organizations, and a peer reviewer of articles in his field; and has served the university as a member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. One of the supporters stated that he was one of the first IPSG (Indigenous Peoples Specialty) members to recognize the value to bringing the communities being researched to the presentations involving their research.

The subcommittee is impressed with Dr. Madsen’s rich and varied outreach/community service activities. One of the first things that he did just after joining the Ohio State Newark was to collect petition signatures attesting to the need for sidewalks as part of the widening of Country Club Drive near campus. As a result of his dedicated efforts, the sidewalks were completed in Summer 2013 and has started to be used by neighborhood residents and students. He has promoted the Geography Awareness Week in early child and elementary school settings, and written Op-Ed Guest Columns for The Newark Advocate in support of Geography Awareness Week.

One of the supporters wrote “I have enjoyed a number of Kenneth's op-ed pieces for The Advocate over the years and appreciate the relevant commentary that he brings from his professional field to the local level with pieces about the importance of sidewalks in the community, utilizing census data, and the importance of geography both at the local level and as a way to understand the world in which we live.”

Scholarly Accomplishment Award 2015


The committee has chosen Dr. Asuman Turkmen to be the recipient of the 2015 Ohio State Newark Scholarly Accomplishment Award, tenure track category. Dr. Turkmen has two major areas of research: (1) multivariate statistical methods that deal with robust estimation and outlier detection and, (2) statistical genetics, specifically the identification rare variant associations with complex traits. Overall, Dr. Turkmen has published 16 peer-reviewed papers and has impressed scholars in her field in with her high-quality publications and with her presentations at prestigious national and international conferences. Particularly in the latter area of research, she developed important statistical methods to reveal “possible genetic effects related to rare as well as common variants in case-control studies,” as one recommendation letter states. In this new research area, she has published 4 papers and also has 2 papers in preparation. These, as the reviewers note, make crucial contributions to an emerging and exciting field.

The winner of the 2015 Scholarly Accomplishment Award, tenured category, is Dr. Elizabeth Weiser. With one authored book, two co-edited volumes, 15 articles and book chapters, and a second book manuscript in final preparation, Dr. Weiser has been an extraordinarily prolific scholar. Furthermore, top scholars and reviewers in her field have widely recognized that her scholarship is both “ground breaking” and “field-shaping.” In 2008 she was named Kenneth Burke Society Emerging Scholar, the most promising new scholar in her area of study. Her recent collection, Women and Rhetoric between the Wars, published last year, was nominated for the field of rhetoric’s principal award for feminist historiography, Winifred Bryan Homer Outstanding Book Award. Her current project entitled Museum World also promises to be significant for the development of her field: it explores the rhetoric of nationalism in national museums, involving gathering data from some 60 museums in 21 nations on 6 continents. Its publication is already widely anticipated by the international community.

Teaching Excellence Award 2015

Tenured: Julie Hupp
It is with great pleasure that the Teaching Excellence Award subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Dr. Julie Hupp with the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for tenured faculty on the Ohio State Newark Campus. During our deliberations Dr. Hupp’s distinctive teaching skills were in evidence not only in the numerous positive comments from both students and colleagues, but also in the care taken to prepare and deliver course content. In addition mentioning the willing and valuable mentorship role that Dr. Hupp played, her nominator remarked on her wonderful advocacy for students in a description of a class discussion on a controversial topic. “Dr. Hupp was able to maintain a balance between the differing points of view, allowed all students the opportunity to voice their opinions, and spoke up for those she felt were not being heard. Her skill at maintaining decorum and her sensitivity to the feelings of her students was remarkable.” Additionally it is clear, based on the overwhelmingly positive student responses from all of her courses, that Dr. Hupp has been able to reach and inspire a many of her students. Affirming her willingness to challenge her students and her ability to inspire them, one student remarked, “This is my favorite course although it was really difficult. It should challenge us. Now I’m really interested in psychology.” Testimonials affirming Dr. Hupp’s knowledge of the material, her willingness to closely work with students, her comfortable classroom rapport, and general professionalism is evident in the overwhelmingly positive student and peer evaluations gathered from all of her courses. It was clear from all of the evidence presented to the committee that Dr. Hupp is indeed deserving of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for tenured faculty on the OSU Newark campus.

Tenure-track: Melissa Buelow

It is with great pleasure that the Teaching Excellence Award subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Dr. Melissa Buelow with the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for tenure-track faculty on the Ohio State Newark Campus. It would be difficult to find a more appropriate testimonial for an instructor deserving of this award than that articulated by Dr. Buelow’s nominator who wrote, “I could go as far to state that I may be on a different path if it were not for Dr. Buelow’s instruction; she has provided a teaching/mentoring environment that has undoubtedly fostered my academic and personal growth.” In both practical and personal ways, Dr. Buelow also excels. Comments praising her grasp of the material and her ability to present often-complex concepts with clarity were frequently a part of many students’ evaluations of her course. It was clear from multiple student responses from across her courses that her classroom was alive with an effective combination of intellectual rigor, enthusiasm, and humor, a blend that has produced happy, appreciative, and inspired students. Among the overwhelmingly positive feedback from all of her students comments like “Dr. Buelow seems genuinely enthusiastic about her work in psychology and it shows though her lectures” were common with one student summing up their appraisal with the simple, but not to be underestimated statement, “cool person.” Based on all of the materials reviewed by the committee it is clear that Dr. Buelow’s knowledge of psychology is inspiring and her passion infectious. It was clear from all of the evidence presented to the committee that Dr. Buelow is indeed deserving of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for tenure-track faculty on the Ohio State Newark campus.

Lecturer/Visiting Assistant Professor: Matthew Tidwell
It is with great pleasure that the Teaching Excellence Award subcommittee to the Professional Standards committee awards Matthew Tidwell with the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for lecturers on the Ohio State Newark Campus. Though he often works with some of the more challenging students at the Ohio State Newark campus, Matt receives glowing appraisal from his students as evidenced in his consistently high student evaluations. There is arguably no higher praise for an instructor than one who influences a student to such a degree that they continue their college study when they may have considered dropping out of school. Multiple student comments such as, “always understanding ,” “helpful,” “invested in his students’ work,” and even the simple “thank you” all affirm the compassion and commitment that Matt brings to his teaching and his students. One committee member who observed his classroom noted that he had an honest a comfortable rapport with his students. Another peer reviewer was “impressed with the teaching techniques that he used.” In both cases the observers noted that his creative demonstrations and thoughtful group work maintained a student-centered learning atmosphere that kept students engaged and attentive. Finally as a testimony to his value and skill as an instructor on our campus, his nominator wrote, “He shows respect and empathy for his students, never looking down on them, no matter how much they struggle in class” and suggested that the work that he does with some of the more challenged students likely aids in their retention. It was clear from all of the evidence presented to the committee that Matthew Tidwell is indeed deserving of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Award for lecturers on the Ohio State Newark campus.

Robert A. Barnes Award 2015

The Barnes subcommittee reviewed the materials of our one candidate who turned in the required materials, Julie Hupp, and agreed that her unswerving record of exceptional teaching would make her a worthy recipient of the award regardless of numbers of competitors. Her students in class after class, both introductory and advanced, consistently cite her classes as having taught them a great deal about subjects they now find fascinating. "She makes learning fun" is also a consistent refrain--but this does not mean she makes learning easy; in fact, the greatest complaint students have is that she demands that they learn so much. Her syllabi make clear that she expects them to not just recite information but conduct research, analyze texts, and write about their investigations. She also maintains what more than one reviewer noted was an easy rapport with her classes. This combination of high expectations and clear support extends beyond the classroom to her extensive student mentoring efforts, as well One of her recommenders, Lindsey Rike (who just won first place in her division at the Denman Research Forum) summed it up best: "During my entire time working with Dr. Hupp she pushed me to succeed. She encouraged me to be involved in my school, and realize the opportunities we have at Ohio State Newark. Dr. Hupp has gone above and beyond, time and time again. This is what makes her a great professor, mentor, and friend."