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Former Ohio State Newark Student Makes Tough Graduate School Choice

NEWARK, Ohio, June 12, 2017 – When David Nield graduated from Westerville North High School and enrolled at The Ohio State University at Newark, he planned on staying in Newark for one year, transitioning to Columbus and never looking back. Little did he know that his time on the Newark campus would change his path and lead him to have to make a choice between Yale, the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Chicago for graduate school.

“I always knew that I wanted to go to Ohio State for college, and when I first applied to the Columbus campus I was deferred to Newark. Being the stubborn person I am, I decided to attend Ohio State Newark as a commuter student and transition after my first year,” said Nield. “I ended up loving the Newark campus. It was a great way to transition from high school into college life. The smaller campus means you recognize a lot of faces, and it makes it a lot easier to make friends your first year. The smaller class sizes also really help because it means you actually get to know your professors. I did transition after my first year, and I love the Columbus campus. However, I definitely miss how much more personal everything feels at Newark.”

One of the personal relationships Nield developed on the Newark campus was with Associate Professor of Political Science Nathaniel Swigger. During that first year, Nield took two political science classes with Swigger that changed the direction of his education.

“Dr. Swigger teaches a very research-heavy syllabus in his classes, and I found myself getting really excited reading about how political scientists went about answering questions about political attitudes and behavior,” said Nield. “When I applied to Ohio State as a political science major, I was convinced I wanted to go to law school, but taking those classes caused me to change course almost immediately. I decided I wanted to become a political scientist. In talking to Dr. Swigger about it, he was very candid about the competitiveness of the academic job market, but was also very encouraging of my passion for the field. I definitely have him to thank for discovering it.”

Nield got very involved in political science activities when he transitioned to the Columbus campus. He was the editor for a student-run undergraduate political science research journal worked on his senior thesis studying political misinformation and its relationship to political participation and intolerance.

“I transitioned to Columbus, but I didn’t end up leaving Newark behind,” said Nield. “I am currently working on a research paper with Dr. Swigger.”

“We are studying gender attitudes and measures of sexism,” said Swigger. “David is great, and he is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite students. I’m really proud of the work he is doing.”

Nield graduated in May. After visiting all three institutions that accepted him for graduate school, Nield chose U.C. Berkeley to pursue a doctorate in political science.

“It’s an exciting time, and I owe a lot to Dr. Swigger and Ohio State Newark.”

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