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Ohio State Newark Graduate Returns from Oxford

NEWARK, Ohio, June 23, 2017 – Bryce Jones is ready to pursue a career in higher education when he comes back to the United States after nearly a year studying in the United Kingdom. Jones attended The Ohio State University at Newark and is completing his master’s degree in U.S. History from the University of Oxford. He will return home at the end of June.

“There were ups and downs, and it was quite rigorous, but the challenge was invigorating. No matter where I was in Oxford, inspiration was right around the corner,” said Jones.

Jones graduated from Ohio State in December 2015. He double majored in history and English. While on the Newark campus, Jones conducted and presented research with professors and gained the confidence to assert his voice into scholarly debates. Jones also wrote a senior thesis where he composed a prolonged essay while receiving suggestions and criticism to revise it. That is the same thing he had to do with his thesis at Oxford.

No matter how prepared you are for an experience, there’s always something new to learn. Jones said he learned that time management is crucial to success in his studies.

“Time management has been very important. A lot of the work I must do is independent, so I need to hold myself accountable for how I use my time.” Jones learned to plan his week in advance and know when to do work at libraries and when to do work at home.

Jones hopes to eventually pursue his doctorate and become a professor. Examinations at Oxford are at the end of June. When he gets back, Jones plans on looking for academia-related jobs while he prepares to apply for doctorate programs.

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