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Park National Bank Scholarship Helps Ohio State Newark Student Pursue Dream

NEWARK, Ohio, July 12, 2017 – When 19-year-old Bay Bryan of Zanesville started thinking about going to college, she knew she did not want to go to a large university right away. She was looking for a smaller campus, where she could more easily make the transition between high school and college. Bryan also knew she wanted to choose a school that was affordable because she was paying for her own schooling. That’s when she decided that The Ohio State University at Newark was the place to start her degree in mathematics.

“College is really expensive. Not everybody has it easy, and I’ve been trying to pay the whole way myself,” she said.

Bryan is not doing it entirely on her own though. People she doesn’t even know have had a hand in making sure she is able to afford an education. Bryan applied for The Park National Bank and Associates’ Next Generation Challenge scholarship and got it. The scholarship is awarded to students with demonstrated academic success and financial need. It has helped ease Bryan’s financial burden and is allowing her to focus on her education.

“It’s wonderful that people can be so generous in thinking about students and put in the care and effort of giving scholarships to students in need.”

With this scholarship, Bryan doesn’t have the stress of worrying about how she is going to pay for college. With the high cost of books, gas and tuition, money is tight. Since she commutes to school and also has a job, free time is not always easy to come by. Bryan wants to dedicate the time she does have to school work.

“It relieves some of the stress because you’re always worried about how you are going to pay for things,” said Bryan. “With scholarships you don’t have to worry about that, and you can focus more on education, rather than the money and where it’s coming from.”

One day when Bryan reaches her dream of becoming a successful math professor, she hopes to give back to a scholarship fund to help students like her.

“It would bring me joy knowing that I could help someone just like somebody helped me.”

The Park National Bank and Associates’ Scholarship was established in 2011 during the Next Generation Challenge, a two-year fundraising endeavor that raised nearly $21 million in scholarships for students at Ohio State Newark and Central Ohio Technical College. Eighty bank associates pledged a combined $340,000 to the campaign and the Park National Bank Foundation supplemented their donations to create a $1 million endowed scholarship named in honor of former Park National Bank CEO William T. McConnell and his late wife, Jane. Since its inception, 24 students have received the scholarship.

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