Campus Change

Each year, between 60-70% of students who started their degree programs at Ohio State Newark move to the Columbus campus to complete their coursework.

Minimum requirements

Students can change to the Columbus campus with a minimum of 30 earned hours (earned after high school graduation) and at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA. This excludes credits earned from testing, e.g. advanced placement testing or Ohio State foreign language testing.

Academic units on the Columbus campus may have additional requirements. Students who are not yet ready to decide on a major, or are not yet eligible for a selective admission major, would make a campus change into the Exploration Program.

How to campus change

1 Housing

Contact Housing and Residence Life on the Columbus Campus to arrange campus housing – this is required for all students who are within two years of high school graduation. Please visit or call 614.292.8266 for more information.

2 Financial aid

Update your FAFSA and check on your financial aid status. Contact a financial aid specialist at or 614.292.0300 for more information.

3 Campus Change Module

For students eligible to campus change for summer or autumn 2024, you will need to complete the Campus Change Module in Carmen. RSVP by completing this survey.

Once we’ve received your confirmation, you will receive a follow-up email in mid-February (or within three business days if you RSVP after that) providing instructions on how to access the online campus change module and complete the campus change request form. You will need to generate an Advising Report to complete the campus change application at the end of the Carmen course. If you will not be eligible to campus change for summer or autumn 2024, please check back on this page next semester and watch your BuckeyeMail account for instructions on how to apply in a future semester.

4 Course scheduling

Course scheduling for the summer term begins in mid-February and scheduling for the autumn semester begins in mid-March. Plan to schedule your classes as soon as your enrollment appointment opens even if you have not completed the campus change module or been approved to campus change.

5 Finish strong

Your Campus Change will not be finalized until your grades post after either spring or (if you're planning to take summer classes to meet campus change requirements) after summer term ends.