Ohio State Newark is proud to offer students the high-quality education that one expects of Ohio State, but in a smaller and more personal setting more commonly associated with liberal arts colleges.

Our faculty offer courses that introduce students to the fascinating complexity of the past while strengthening their critical thinking and communication skills and empowering them to better understand the environment around them. History courses equip students with the tools to analyze and evaluate evidence; to assemble well-crafted and convincing arguments; and to engage with the world around them as informed and thoughtful participants. These are skills that prepare students for multiple professions, for government and public service, and for life itself. 

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

You can complete a history degree in multiple ways. Some students choose to complete the degree pathway at the Newark campus by taking a mix of in-person and online courses, some of which are offered by faculty from other Ohio State campuses thanks to a collaboration between Ohio State’s Department of History and the Lima, Mansfield, Marion and Newark campuses. This flexibility provides students with more course options as well as opportunities to study with expert faculty across multiple campuses. Other students transition to the Columbus campus and complete their course requirements there. There is no single path to getting a history degree at Ohio State Newark.


A history minor is a great opportunity to explore various historical and current topics at an entry level, and it allows you to broaden your training and experience, giving you skills that can be applied across all majors and disciplines.

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Student Awards

A. Harding Ganz Award for Excellence in Research

2021: Lydia Noethlich
2020: Lauren Marks-Strauss and Aaron Jones
2019: Nikala Curliss
2018: Collette Oberlin
2017: Joseph Snyder and Franchesica Kidd (2 awards)
2016: Elizabeth Worbs
2015: Alex Roletta
2014: Ellenor Dwyer

Richard Shiels Award for Best Graduating Senior

2021: Lydia Noethlich
2020: Peter Giuliani
2018: Franchesica Kidd
2017: No award given
2016: Bryce Jones
2015: Kelly Haist
2014: Megan Crowell