Honors program

The Honors program at The Ohio State University at Newark promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students both inside and outside the classroom. We provide opportunities for students to enrich their learning by developing global awareness, pursuing original inquiry (research), developing leadership skills and engaging in service to the community.

Students who meet the requirements of their major and college graduate with Honors distinction or Honors research distinction.

Honors students take Honors courses, receive special consideration for the LeFevre Fellowship program, and enjoy access to a lounge for socializing and studying. Students are not required to live on campus in order to participate.


The Honors application for incoming 2024-2025 students is now closed. Students with strong GPAs after their first semester may  contact the Honors director for consideration. 

10 reasons to join the Honors program

1 Priority course scheduling

Be among the first students to register for classes each semester. No more stressing about getting into the courses you need.

2 Honors lounge

Pop in for a quiet place to study or socialize. Includes free printing, microwave, minifridge, snacks, drinks and coffee.

3 Engaging coursework

Love to learn? Honors courses are smaller, discussion-based classes that encourage in-depth study and greater engagement.

4 Great resources

Honors staff and faculty keep you informed about opportunities for professional development, scholarships and awards.

5 LeFevre Fellowship

Receive priority consideration for the LeFevre Fellowship program, a one-credit service-learning course that comes with a $1,500 scholarship.

6 Education abroad

Honors students receive priority consideration for study abroad scholarships and for Newark-led study abroad courses.

7 Networking

Build strong relationships with other Honors students and faculty.

8 Research

Get support in finding funding opportunities for independent research.

9 Honors Distinction

Maintain coursework and GPA requirements to graduate with Honors Distinction.

10 Honors Research Distinction

Write a thesis to earn Honors Research Distinction. Stand out and impress future employers.

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Virginia Cope, Honors director

Jared Stearns, Honors advisor