The Parent Corner

The Ohio State University at Newark would like your student’s collegiate experience to get off to a great start, and we believe the information we have included just might help.

The journey begins...

The road to college does not begin on that warm morning in August as you help pack the car for the journey to the college residence hall. The path begins months perhaps years earlier with campus visits, FAFSA completion, scholarship applications and finally the application for admission. 

The Ohio State University at Newark is well aware of the many details which go into the process of getting your student prepared for the college selection process and ready for their first day as a college student. We have collected some general information, compiled a short checklist of things to accomplish, provided a heads-up regarding important deadlines and even shared a few conversation starters for you to use with your student. 

We are partners with you through this journey so please let us know how we can assist you.

Virtual campus partner events

A student walks on campus smiling toward the sky.

At virtual campus partner events, we share information that you want and need to know so that your student takes advantage of every opportunity possible at Ohio State Newark.

How you can best help your student

1 Be a great sounding board

Sometimes just listening to your student’s thoughts will give you clues as to what they need in the area of support or information.

2 Remind your student to keep his/her career options open

Explore the curriculum to learn something new!

3 Be open and willing to discuss the college search.

  • Help students determine which colleges to visit.
  • Help students develop list of priorities (cost, majors, resources, housing).
  • Compare and contrast colleges.
  • Establish a point system for each college.
  • Establish relationships with college representatives.
  • Determine the students top three colleges and provide specific reasons for each.
  • Know the application and scholarship deadlines.

Make the most of your campus visits

Always take the campus tour.

Be sure to speak with an admissions professional.

Picture yourself on campus interacting. Ask your student: Do you feel comfortable on this campus?

Do not forget to ask for the high school excuse letter.

Understanding financial aid

Question After completing the FAFSA what happens?


FAFSA information is sent to Ohio State to be reviewed. Ohio State determines if the student is selected for verification which requires documents and forms to be submitted. The student will be awarded financial aid, but the award package could change once verification is completed.

Question When can you expect the award letter?


It depends. Most freshmen who meet the FAFSA filing priority date have been packaged by late March. Those who submit after the priority date, are packaged accordingly depending on their individual situation.

Question How can you set realistic family expectations?


This depends on the family’s financial situation. Student and parent loans are considered financial aid. Each family must make the decision whether to borrow loans that are offered in the award package to finance their student’s education.

Question Does this mean my son/daughter is not eligible for scholarships?


No. Scholarships that are merit-based do not consider the family’s financial situation. These scholarships are based upon other criteria such as standardized test scores such as ACT scores and a student’s cumulative high school grade point average. There are other institutional and outside scholarships that students may apply for. Have your student check the student financial aid website to review scholarship opportunities.

Question How do I sign up for the payment plan?


Please review your student center listed under the finance link. The Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP) may be selected each semester to allow you to pay in three installments. Select the Payment Plan tab under Account Inquiry in the Finances section of your Student Center at