Student employee supervisor FAQ

Question Who is our manager liaison and what do they do?


The manager liaison for Ohio State Newark’s student employee supervisors is to Jennifer Podesta (, 740.366.9446). She initiates the job requisition process for student employment positions and processes separations when a student is no longer working.

Question Who is our HR consultant and what do they do?


Our HR consultant is Laura Sealey (, 419.755.4131). She is the first level of approval for workflow processes in Workday.

Question Who is our recruiter and what do they do?


Our recruiter is Mariah Tibbs (, 330.462.6159). She posts the job requisitions and initiates and finalizes the hiring and onboarding processes.

Question What is the Job Management (JM) Model in Workday?


The Job Management (JM) Model is the employee model for student employees. Supervisors have a distinct JM Supervisor Organization for student employees. When a student leaves a job, that job/position is ended. A new student employee would not be filling the prior student’s job but be considered hired into a new position.

Question How do I get a job posted in Workday?


Contact the Manager Liaison for the template to create a job description. Once a job description has been established the Manager Liaison will create a Job Requisition to start the process of posting in Workday. You will receive an automated email from Workday alerting you of the submission and will be able to follow its progress through the process.

Question What is the difference between a requisition # and a job #?


A requisition # begins with an “R” and is assigned by Workday at the time a requisition is submitted into the system. A new number is assigned with each submission. This is used when tracking applications and hires.

A job # is assigned by the manager liaison. Cost-shared jobs will have the same job number for both Ohio State and Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) and will not change even if the requisition # does. This is used to keep consistency between COTC and Ohio State postings as well as requisition # changes.

Question How long will my job requisition be posted on Workday?


Workday will automatically remove your job posting when your “Number of Available Openings” is zero. If you would like your posting removed before that, please contact the manager liaison.

To have it reposted, a new job requisition will need to be submitted and a new requisition # will be assigned.

Question Where/how does a student apply for a job?


The students will need to log in to Workday and use the “Career” icon in their “Applications” area to search for open jobs and complete an application. Please refer to "Student employment hiring process" for more details.

Question How do I hire a student?


Email the recruiter with the student(s) name with the desired start date and copy the manager liaison.

Question How do I follow the progress of applicants in the hiring process?

Question How are the students notified about the hiring/onboarding process?


The students will be notified within Workday throughout the process. They will receive an offer letter that will need to be accepted before the onboarding will begin.

Question Do the students still need to certify their I-9 in human resources?


Yes, the students will still need to go to human resources to certify their I-9. They will need to complete the various new hire forms within Workday before taking the appropriate identification to human resources for certification.

Question Will/can a student have more than one timecard in Workday?


No, there will only be one timecard for each student employee.

  • Students earning both FWS and wages: Workday can identify who has FWS and has rules built in to ensure the student has met all eligibility requirements. It will charge the appropriate amount to FWS and the remaining amount to the department budget.
  • Students working in multiple jobs: Each job in Workday has a unique position number. The student will select the appropriate position number within their timecard before entering the time for each job. They will “submit” once and the time entered for all jobs will be submitted for approval from the appropriate supervisor.

Question How will Workday determine the division of FWS when a student is working in multiple FWS jobs?


Workday will apply FWS eligibility chronologically, so time worked at the beginning of the week will be charged to FWS before time worked at the end of the week.

Question How do I initiate a merit raise for a student employee?


Please email the manager liaison with your request for a merit raise and include justification for the request. The standard merit raise is $0.30 and there will not be any department budget adjustments made.

Question What needs to be done when a student will no longer be working for me?


Email the manager liaison when it has been determined that a student will no longer work for you. Please include the effective date of the separation.