English Placement Testing

Students need to register for orientation prior to taking any placement tests. If you have not completed this process, visit the orientation webpage for details and directions. Within two business days of registering for orientation, you will have access to the English placement module.

Students are automatically assigned to take English placement unless they qualify for an exemption based on English composition transfer credit. Be sure you have requested your official transcripts from other institutions to be sent electronically to Ohio State to ensure proper English placement assignment and avoid taking unnecessary exams. 

Who needs to take it?

Your To-Do List in My Buckeye Link will indicate if you need to complete English placement.

  • Students must complete English placement unless they have received transfer credit for English 1110, have an ACT English score of 19 or higher, or an SAT reading and writing score of 490 or above.

If you believe you have already submitted an official transcript that qualifies you for an exemption and "English Placement Required" appears on your To Do List, contact the Orientation and Placement Testing Office at 740.366.9333 as soon as possible.

How do I prepare?

Students will answer reflective questions on their writing, reading and academic success skills and experiences.

We recommend setting aside 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this exercise.

Students will use Carmen, Ohio State’s virtual learning environment, to complete the English placement.

It is recommended that students complete the module on a desktop/laptop and not on a phone, and use Chrome as the browser.

If you have entered the module and experience technical difficulties which do not allow you to complete the module, you need to contact the Orientation and Placement Testing Office at 740.366.9333 as soon as possible to request access.

To request testing accommodations, contact the Student Life - Disability Services.

Complete the English placement test module

When you are ready to complete English placement, follow the directions below:

  1. Log in to carmen.osu.edu using your Ohio State username and password.
  2. Select “English Placement 2024-2025” from My Courses.
  3. Review the directions and then complete the module as instructed.

After completing the module

Your academic advisor will help you schedule your English course as part of the final step in the orientation process.

Contact us

Office of Orientation and Placement Testing
Email: orientation@newark.osu.edu
Phone: 740.366.9333