A student stands next to his poster presentation talking to a spectator and pointing at data on the poster.

Student Research and Scholarship Forum

This annual event is open to students of all disciplines conducting scholarship of any kind under the direction of an Ohio State Newark faculty member or lecturer.

The forum aims to increase collaborative, student-faculty research endeavors, encourage participation in academic research, and to further the goals of the Ohio State Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and Ohio State Undergraduate Research Office at the Newark Campus. This forum is an opportunity for students to present their scholarship before a diverse panel of judges.

Benefits of participation

  • Undergraduate research requires an educational collaboration between students and faculty members.
  • Research experiences may be initiated by students who seek out faculty supervision for their projects or by faculty members who involve undergraduate students in their research teams.
  • Research can culminate in a written or oral presentation as a means of making the body of academic knowledge or creative exploration accessible to other investigators in the field, as well as to the general public.
  • Participation in undergraduate research benefits students educationally, professionally and personally.

Educational benefits

  • Working closely with a faculty mentor·
  • Learning about issues, methods, and leaders in students’ chosen fields
  • Applying concepts learned in coursework to “real life” situations
  • Sharpening problem-solving skills
  • Reading primary literature

Professional benefits

  • Exploring and preparing for future careers
  • Developing marketable skills
  • Enhancing professional communication skills
  • Collaborating with others and working effectively as part of a team

Personal benefits

  • Growing as a critical, analytical, and independent thinker
  • Meeting challenges and demonstrating the ability to complete a project
  • Discovering personal interests
  • Developing internal standards of excellence