Ohio State Newark faculty help students learn more about the power of rhetoric and stories, and how to interpret complex material and write about it in compelling, meaningful ways.

English majors develop critical thinking and writing skills that open paths to multiple professional fields: public relations, publishing, marketing, technical writing, human resources, law, teaching and the fine arts. Many careers involve analysis, persuasion and clear, adaptable writing.


Bachelor of Arts


Choosing a specialization allows students the opportunity to tailor an academic path for themselves based on their interests and long-time goals. It is possible to begin your English major without choosing a concentration, and the faculty and staff on campus are more than willing to discuss concentrations with students.

At Ohio State Newark, students can choose from these concentrations:

For more information on concentrations, talk to your academic advisor or contact Dan Keller.


The English Minor strengthens any major, signaling that students have gained skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. The minor consists of five undergraduate courses for a minimum of 15 total credit hours. 

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What can I do with an English degree?

More than you might think!
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The Writer's Studio

The Writer’s Studio is Ohio State Newark’s resource for writing help.