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Featured courses: Autumn 2024

A whisk, carton of eggs, flower, butter, and other food ingredients.

FDSCTE 2300: Role of Food Science in Human Health (online)

This course explores the role of food in an individual's health by addressing mainstream food controversies. Students will develop an understanding of food supply chain, food components, food safety, food processing, food additives, labeling, food laws and regulations, and their impact on ensuring a safe food supply and protecting consumer’s health.

A man in a business attire and a man in a safety vest and gloves look at a paper while standing in a solar panel field.

FABENG 3210 & 3211: Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering 

Learn about important issues in sustainability, including large and small scale agriculture, water resources, environmental impacts, waste management, and renewable energy. Fulfills the sustainability theme within the GE Program.