Student research grants

In conjunction with the university’s dedication to enhancing the undergraduate research experience, Ohio State Newark is proud to offer Student Research Grants (SRGs) of up to $1,500 per project.

Funds are available to undergraduate students conducting research with Ohio State Newark faculty. The funds can be utilized for many research or creative inquiry purposes, including, but not limited to: lab or field research, creative works like photography or dance, and/or professional development opportunities, such as presenting at a conference. Recipients are strongly encouraged to present their proposal or completed project at the Ohio State Newark Student Research Forum and their completed work at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in Columbus, or at some similar event.

Fundable expenses


  • Conference fees
  • Airfare, gas or hotel expenses
  • Local travel while at the conference

Media and technology support:

  • Publicity support for presentations of creative work
  • Online journal subscriptions; society memberships

Materials and supplies:

  • Lab fees (e.g., costs to professors, chemicals)
  • Material project support
  • Compensation for research subjects
  • Equipment

The above list is not exhaustive and all students pursuing projects that will serve to enrich their academic experience are encouraged to apply. Please note:

  • Every project must have a faculty sponsor from Ohio State Newark.
  • All travel-related expenses must be pre-approved by the faculty sponsor.
  • SRGs may not be used to fund conference-related travel unless the applicant(s) will be presenting at the conference (proof of attendance may be requested).
  • The maximum funding available for any one project in an academic year is $1,500. Students may make multiple project requests per academic year (each funded up to a maximum of $1,500). 

For any one project, students may make multiple component requests such as materials, travel funding or equipment. Multiple component requests for the same project in the same academic year may be considered, provided the applicant can demonstrate:

  • that the requests are substantially different (e.g., a request for material support for research or a request for travel funding associated with a subsequent conference presentation of that research)
  • that substantial project progress has already been made as a result of the initial funding
  • that the additional funding offers a valuable addition to the applicant's academic goals

Students requesting travel funds should carefully review the university’s policies regarding travel expenses and reimbursements and make sure that any budget proposals conform to Ohio State policy. All car rentals must be made through Ohio State and per diem requests should follow the federal rates. Parking at Columbus airport is limited to $8 per day.  Please coordinate with your advisor and the Ohio State purchasing department to make sure you conform to travel policies.

All expenses in your budget should be justified. Your justification should explain why the equipment or travel expense is necessary and how you have estimated the cost of the equipment or travel expense. The Student Matters Committee reserves the right to revise your budget and eliminate any items not sufficiently justified.

Application and supporting materials

Completed applications must include a project proposal, an itemized budget, and a recommendation letter from the project advisor. 

For advisors

The faculty sponsor recommendation letter must be submitted to complete the application. Sample recommendation letters are available below. Recommendation letters should be submitted to the chair of the Student Matters Committee: Jennifer Kowalsky, PhD, MPH.

Human and animal subjects

There are special requirements to receive final approval for all projects that will involve human or animal subjects. All researchers working with human subjects must seek approval for their project from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and complete a specific ethics training session online (CITI) prior to receiving funding or conducting research. The faculty sponsor is required to provide both an IRB protocol number and a completion certificate from the online training before expenditures will be authorized. All researchers working with animal subjects must seek approval for their project from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), must conduct their research in an approved facility, and must complete a mandatory Animal Usage Orientation course prior to receiving funding or conducting research. The faculty sponsor is required to provide both an IACUC protocol number and a verification sheet from the online training prior to authorizing expenditures.

Student applicants and faculty sponsors are encouraged to visit the Office of Responsible Research Practices website and review all current policies and procedures that might influence current and future research projects.

Enrollment conditions

Students must be working under the direction of a member of the Ohio State Newark faculty, full-time lecturer or associated faculty. Applicants generally must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours) at any of the Ohio State campuses to be considered eligible for SRG funding, although part-time enrollment with a heavy research emphasis is allowable. Additionally, funding can be used for conferences occurring one semester after graduation (e.g., December graduation with an April conference).

Method of selection

Applications, proposals, and letters of recommendation are reviewed by a committee of faculty from a variety of academic fields. Applicants will be selected on the merits of their application, the feasibility of the proposed project, and the potential of the proposed project to impact the professional and educational development of the recipient. The committee of faculty may ask students about their proposal or seek clarification. Applicants will be notified by email of the status of their application.

Student Matters Committee contact information

Chair: Jennifer Kowalsky, PhD, MPH