Military and veteran students

Transitioning from the military to college can be overwhelming, but being proactive will help it be a smooth one.

Determine if you are applying as a freshman (you have taken no college courses after graduating high school) or a transfer student(you have taken college courses after high school), then follow the admission instructions above for that student type.

  • You can still attend college even if the VA has determined that you can no longer work.
  • Anyone who receives benefits could be eligible for the Work-Study Program.
  • Former National Guard and Reserve members could be eligible for Post 9/11 VA education benefits.
  • Your military training could transfer into college credits.
  • Your benefits do NOT disqualify you from additional federal student aid.
  • Disability ratings do not determine your need for accommodations in the classroom.
  • The state of Ohio has scholarships available to children of disabled and deceased veterans.
  • If you have qualified disability ratings from the VA, your dependents could be eligible for financial education assistance.

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