Transfer students

Welcome, future Buckeye! Regardless of where you started, you can graduate a Buckeye. Follow these directions to transfer to Ohio State Newark.

Admission criteria

You are a transfer applicant if you attended another university after graduating from high school.

Most transfer students are Ohio residents enrolling at Ohio State Newark. Note: Out-of-state residents who wish to transfer to Ohio State Newark typically need to find off-campus housing and pay out-of-state tuition.

If, at the time of application, you have earned at least a 2.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) on college coursework completed after high school graduation, we will review your academic performance in college to determine your eligibility for admission.

of transfer students come from other four-year universities
of transfer students come from community colleges
age range of transfer students

Steps to enroll

Two students sit side-by-side at a desk with open laptops looking up to the front of the classroom

Transfer student information session

Learn about the application process, financial aid and important deadlines for transfer students.

Transfer credit

Pathways from community colleges

The Ohio State University has partnered with all of the Ohio public community colleges like Central Ohio Technical College, Columbus State Community College, Cuyahoga Community College and several others to simplify the transfer of credit from school to school through the development of the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP). OGTP enable students to streamline credit transfer among the state’s public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers. (Note: OGTP guarantees transfer of credit but does not guarantee admission to a program. Some bachelor's degree business programs are competitive and students need to check on the program admission requirements.)

Please work closely with your academic advisor at your community college and university to ensure you fully understand your program of study and all associated admission requirements.

“I haven't been in school for about 7 years…. It feels great to be learning and growing academically again. Teachers are very accessible, and genuinely care about my academic success.”

Transfer Student D. H.

“The faculty have made the transition as smooth as possible and made me feel comfortable to ask for help if I need it. This has been a great experience so far and I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful university.”

Transfer Student Z. M.

“The transfer orientation process was really exciting. During this time, I got to meet other transfer students. It was great knowing that there were students just like me who would be attending the Newark campus.”

Transfer Student E. L.