Math placement testing

Students need to register for orientation prior to taking any placement tests. If you have not completed this process, visit the Ohio State Newark orientation webpage for details and directions.

Academic advisors use the score you receive on this test to determine the initial mathematics course you take at Ohio State. Students are automatically assigned to take one of two placement tests based on their highest officially reported ACT/SAT score (less than two years old) unless they qualify for an exemption.

Math Placement Test B
arithmetic, algebra and geometry

  • ACT math score of 24 or lower
  • SAT math score of 580 or lower
  • No ACT/SAT score report on file

Math Placement Test D

  • ACT math score of 25 or higher
  • SAT math score of 590 or higher

Be sure you have requested your official ACT/SAT/AP scores and/or transcripts from other institutions to be sent electronically to Ohio State to ensure proper Placement Testing assignments and avoid taking unnecessary exams. 

Who needs to take it?

Your To Do List in My Buckeye Link will indicate if you need to take the Math Placement Test.

  • Transfer students without appropriate math transfer credit will automatically be assigned to take Math Placement Test B.
  • Transfer students who bring in appropriate math credit are exempt from taking the test.
  • Students with a high enough score on the appropriate AP exam are exempt from taking the test.
  • The Mathematics Department provides specific information about who qualifies for an exemption on the Math Placement test.

If you believe you have already submitted an official score/transcript that qualifies you for an exemption and a math test required checklist item remains on your To Do List, contact the Orientation and Placement Testing Office at 740.366.9333 as soon as possible.

How to prepare

The test is a 75-minute, web-based, multiple-choice exam.

The exam needs to be taken in one sitting, so be sure to have 75 minutes of uninterrupted time available.

Students may use scratch paper, a pencil, and a scientific graphing calculator during the exam. Calculators with computer symbolic algebra or QWERTY keyboards, such as TI-89 or TI-92, are not permitted.

Students will be asked about math classes taken in high school and the grades received, so be sure to have that information available when taking the test.

It is recommended that students take the exam on a desktop/laptop and not on a phone and use Chrome as the browser.

Students are encouraged to review study materials and sample test questions prior to taking the test.

To request testing accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services.

Take the math placement test

When you are ready to take the math placement test, click on the button and log in using your assigned Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password.

After taking the test

The Mathematics Department provides detailed information about how to interpret your math placement test score.

  • Students who take placement test B and meet the minimum score, will automatically be assigned to take placement test D which needs to be taken before the requirements of the math placement test are fulfilled. A message will be sent to your Ohio State email indicating directions to take the math placement test D.
  • Students who score a “U” on the math placement test did not place within the research-predicted range of values and must retake the test before the requirements of the math placement test are fulfilled. An email will be sent to your Ohio State email indicating directions on how to retake the math placement test.

Contact us

Office of Orientation and Placement Testing
Phone: 740.366.9333