Student employment hiring process

Student instructions

1 Apply for a position

  1. Review current job openings using Workday. 
    1. Log in to Workday.
    2. In the Applications area, select the Career icon.
    3. In the View area. Select Search Student Jobs or Search student Federal Work Study Jobs.
    4. Filter the search using Primary Location. Select Newark Campus.
    5. Select the job title (blue font) to review the job description. 
  2. Complete application and submit electronic form.
    1. Select Apply within any job description you want to apply for. 
    2. Follow application instruction prompts. 
    3. Highly recommended: Attach a resume and class schedule to your application. 
  3. Application will be forwarded to supervisor(s) for consideration.

2 Secure a position

  1. Promptly respond to any contact from supervisor.
  2. Follow-up with supervisor(s) concerning application if needed.
  3. Interview, ask questions and be clear about supervisor's expectations.
  4. Accept or decline job offer that is sent to your Workday Inbox, whichever is applicable.
  5. Repeat step one, if needed

3 Complete "onboarding" process

Onboarding forms and instructions will be sent to your Workday inbox.

Supervisor instructions

1 Create a position

  1. Request a template from manager liaison.
  2. Complete template and send to manager liaison.
  3. Request description to be posted in Workday.

2 Select a student

Review applications as they are received via Workday. 

Watch "Workday Recruiting Application Navigation Demonstration" for details. 

Have questions?
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