A student presents her research poster to an audience.

Student research

Get started early with hands-on research opportunities — even as a freshman. You will find renowned professors at the forefront of their fields willing to work side-by-side with you until you are ready to lead.

At Ohio State Newark, you can work with your faculty on research that is shaping the world. Cure cancer with Dr. Dogan Ekici. Save native bees with Dr. Goodell. Discover black holes with Dr. Stamatikos. Our students present their research locally, at the university and across the world. 

Ohio State Newark presentation opportunities

Ohio State presentation opportunities 

Ohio State Newark Students are encouraged to present their completed research at the Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum at the Columbus campus. 

Student research funding

In conjunction with the university’s dedication to enhancing the undergraduate research experience, Ohio State Newark is proud to offer Student Research Grants (SRGs) of up to $1,750 per project. Funds are available to undergraduate students conducting research with Ohio State Newark faculty. The funds can be utilized for many research or creative inquiry purposes, including, but not limited to: lab or field research, creative works like photography or dance, and/or professional development opportunities, such as presenting at a conference. Recipients are strongly encouraged to present their proposal or completed project at the Ohio State Newark Student Research Forum and their completed work at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in Columbus, or at some similar event.