Associate of Arts

Students of any major can earn the Associate of Arts (AA) as a stepping stone toward a bachelor’s degree or as valuable recognition of two years of undergraduate study. The AA degree is a unique opportunity for students who have attended an Ohio State regional campus.

Degree requirements

An Associate of Arts (AA) can be completed with two years of full-time coursework. Current students can run a degree audit to check eligibility for the degree (choose run selected program and then “ASC” as the College, and “ASC-AA” as the major). 

Core Curriculum*

Credit Hours

English Composition




Foreign Language (optional)


Social Science


Natural Science


Quantitative and Logical Skills


Total Core Curriculum


Free Electives




Minimum enrollment at Regional campus

15 credit hours

Minimum enrollment at OSU

20 credit hours

Minimum GPA 


*Remedial courses such as Math 1050, 1060 and 1075, and English 1109 satisfy basic proficiency requirements but do not count as hours toward the minimum degree requirements. Repeated courses will count only once. Other requirements may apply.


Review the frequently asked questions below or contact the academic advising office at 740-366-9333 or

Question What does my GPA need to be?


You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Question I am taking a required course this semester. Am I eligible this semester, or do I need to wait until the course is completed?


All courses completed and those in progress this semester are counted toward the degree. If all other courses are in progress or are completed, you are eligible now.

Question I am transitioning to the Columbus campus next semester, but I don’t have enough credits yet. Can I still earn the AA degree?


As long as you earned at least 15 credit hours on a regional campus, you will be eligible when all other requirements are met. You may earn the degree after you have changed campuses.

Question Do my transfer credits count toward my AA degree?


Transfer credits can fulfill the requirements for the AA degree; however, when applying for the degree, 20 of the last 30 credit hours earned must be from Ohio State.

Question I plan to use Grade Forgiveness for a course in the future. How will this affect my AA degree?


Once an AA degree is earned, no courses that were applied toward the degree can be retaken using Grade Forgiveness. Therefore, if you are considering retaking any courses, you should do so before applying.

Question Who should I contact if I have questions or wish to apply for the AA degree?


You can call 740.366.9333 to schedule an appointment with your advisor.