An outdoor sign in front of a building reads Facilities Operations Building.

Physical Facilities


To provide the highest quality facilities and a physical environment that supports and promotes the academic programs of The Ohio State University at Newark and Central Ohio Technical College

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Phone: 740.366.9363

About us

The Department of Facilities Planning and Operations oversees nine major academic buildings, three residence halls and several small facilities equaling approximately 772,000 square feet of building space residing on 200 acres of property at the Newark campus

Approximately 50 full-time employees and a number of part-time and student employees comprise this department. They form interconnected, principal management “teams” within the department focused on administrative, custodial, extended campus, maintenance, grounds and public safety services. Other department functions include capital and master planning, project/construction management, event coordination, space utilization (HEI data reporting), prevailing wage reporting, academic scheduling of space, business continuity planning, facilities audits, and administration of safety and security operations for the general public (including insurance, OSHA, fire and indoor-air quality reviews).


  • Provide a safe, clean, healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Provide facilities that operate day and night without interruption
  • Promote excellent customer service
  • To be proactive in understanding the changing needs of our customers
  • Facilitate the efficient and effective management of resources
  • Provide appropriate employee development and training
  • Contribute to the success of the Newark Campus
A view from above campus of students walking on sidewalks between the Warner Center and Reese Center.

Framework Plan

The Framework Plan informs and guides decision-making about the physical environment and capital investment to achieve our strategic programmatic objectives.

Our staff


Brian Boehmer, Superintendent of Facilities and Support Services

Doug Warthen, Assistant Director of Facilities

Michael Leedale, Administrative Assistant


Kyle Lumbatis, Building Maintenance Superintendent

Steve Riley, Facilities Building Systems Technician Senior

Alan Roberts, Building Supervisor, Coshocton Campus

Chris Norman, Assistant Building Supervisor, Coshocton Campus

Robert Drakeford, Building Supervisor, Pataskala Campus

Jordan Keener, Assistant Building Supervisor, Pataskala Campus

Kirk Tarr, Building Supervisor, Knox Campus

Drew Tyler, Assistant Building Supervisor, Knox Campus


John Wood, Housekeeping Manager

Greta Nadin, Custodial Work Supervisor


Dan Longstreth, Grounds Superintendent

Andy Moran, Groundskeeper 3

Charles Courson, Groundskeeper 2

Heather Daugherty, Groundskeeper 2

Adam Daugherty, Groundskeeper 1

Space Management 

Jeremy Pursley, Space Planning/Application Support Specialist