The Ohio State University at Newark

Academic Advisors

Advisors walking together, 2 advisors sitting on a bench, and an advisor helping a student.

Academic Advisors are professional staff members dedicated to student success. Current students, please call 740.366.9333 to arrange an appointment with us today!

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Sarah Hughes
Director of Advising

MaKenzie Bailey
Academic Advisor

Amanda King
Students Records Manager

Jennifer Seas
Academic Advisor

Amanda Tanzer
Academic Advisor

Marilyn Ervin
Assistant Director of Advising

Dr. M. Renee Benham
Academic Advisor

Anna O'Reilly
Academic Advisor

Anita Snow
Orientation Coordinator

Joe Tran
Academic Advisor

C.R. Barclay
College Credit Plus Advisor

Max Gulick
Academic Advisor

Amy Seagren
Academic Advisor

Jared Stearns
Academic Advisor