The Ohio State University at Newark

Advisors by Major

The Ohio State University offers more than 200 undergraduate majors. In the Newark advising office, these majors are divided into three groups called clusters. Each advisor works within a specific cluster and advises only the majors within their cluster. Click on the cluster headings below for a list of the majors within each cluster.

Students within each cluster are assigned an academic advisor based upon the first letter of their last name. The alphabetical split for each cluster is below. This split can vary slightly depending on your semester of entry – you may determine your currently assigned advisor by viewing your Advising Report or logging in to BuckeyeLink. Contact the Advising Office if you have questions. Students are automatically assigned an academic advisor within their cluster, but they can also find their advisor by locating first their cluster, and then the advisor who works with the portion of the alphabet containing the first letter in their last name.

Cluster A: Arts & Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Exploration

A – Z: Dr. Renee Benham (

Cluster B: Business, Business-related, Education

A – C: Anna O’Reilly (
D – L: Marilyn Ervin (
M – Z: Anna O’Reilly (

Cluster C: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), Health Sciences, Agriculture

A – Di: Jared Stearns (
Dj – Kh: Max Gulick (
Ki – Ra: Amy Seagren (
Rb – Z: Amanda Tanzer (

Social Work Program Manager:

Jennifer Seas (

College Credit Plus/Undergraduate Non-Degree/Continuing Education Advisor:

C.R. Barclay (