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The Ohio State Newark Advising Office empowers students to lead fulfilling lives and contribute to our communities by providing them with the knowledge, resources and support to succeed academically.

How will I meet and get to know my advisor?

  • You will first meet the advising staff at your Placement Testing and Orientation. They are an integral part of the process as you move from applicant status to student status.
  • You will be assigned to an advisor according to the major you have chosen. An advisor will also be teaching your University Survey course, EXP 1100. This is a great opportunity to begin a working relationship with the advising staff.
  • Academic advisors are available by appointment throughout the calendar year. They care about your success! Call 740-366-9333 to set up an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my academic advisor?

Your assigned advisor is listed on the right hand side of the first page of your Buckeye Link. Advisors at Newark are assigned according to major. To see a list of Newark advisors, please click here.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Please call 740-366-9333 to schedule an appointment, or stop by the office which is located in Founders Hall 1075. Appointments cannot be made through email!

How do I figure out which classes I need to take for next semester?

Academic advisors are available to help you navigate and understand the requirements for your major. However, there are many tools and resources available to Ohio State students to help determine which classes you need for your major and according to your placement scores, which are listed in your Advising Report.

You should run a Degree Audit for your intended major to see what courses you need for your major. Refer to your college’s General Education Curriculum guide for a compressive list of GE options that your major requires - this is usually found on your college’s website. To determine the math courses required for your major, click here. To determine the Level One Writing and Related Skills (Freshman English) class you will take, click here.

How do I schedule my classes?

You will learn how to utilize different scheduling tools in your University Survey course, EXP 1100.01. After a student’s first semester, it is expected that you are able to schedule your courses on your own by referring to your Degree Audit. If you need further assistance with selecting courses, please make an appointment with your advisor.

Another great scheduling tool is the Schedule Planner, which you can access through your Buckeyelink. Schedule Planner builds a schedule based on your course selections, which you can then send directly to your Buckeyelink Shopping Cart. For instructions on how to use Schedule Planner, click here.

I am on a waitlist for one of my courses. Now what?

A waitlist forms when a class is full. Placing yourself on a waitlist indicates your desire to enroll in the course if a seat becomes open. This is not a guarantee that you will be enrolled in the course. You are added into a course from the waitlist on a “first-on, first-off” basis as space becomes available and fits your schedule. The waitlist closes after the first Friday of the semester. After the first Friday, no one will be added to a course from the waitlist.

You can monitor your waitlist position in your BuckeyeLink. It is your responsibility to know whether or not you have been put into a course and to monitor your waitlist position on a regular basis. You will be notified by email if you are added to a course from the waitlist, so be sure to check your email and your schedule frequently.

Where can I find dates and deadlines for the academic year?

The Registrar’s Academic Calendar contains important dates and deadline such as when classes begin each semester, holiday breaks, and commencement. Academic deadlines for the university such as registration, fees, and important dates can be found here.

I need to drop a class, what do I do?

First, you should speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to determine if dropping a class will affect any aid or scholarships you are receiving. Dropping a class may also affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Office of Financial Aid is located in the Gateway area of Hopewell Hall or you may call their office at 740-366-9435.

Dropping a class may also impact other areas such as housing, military/veteran benefits, insurance, etc. It is your responsibility to check with relevant offices regarding the potential consequences, if any, of your decision to drop a class.

Unless you are a first semester freshman, you are not required to meet with an academic advisor to drop a course until after the 4th Friday of the semester. Between the 4th and 10th Friday of the semester, all students will need to meet with an academic advisor to drop a course. Please be aware of dates and deadlines of dropping courses for each semester, which can be found here. After the 10th Friday, courses cannot simply be dropped – to drop a class after this date, you must submit a petition which describes the extenuating circumstances which prevented you from dropping a course by the University deadline. For more information on the petition process, please make an appointment with your academic advisor.

What is a Grade Forgiveness Petition and how do I apply for it?

Grade Forgiveness is a policy at Ohio State that allows student to repeat a course and use the grade of the repeat to replace the first grade in the calculation of a student’s cumulative GPA. However, both grades remain on the official student record and transcript. The Grade Forgiveness petition is completed online and can be found on this page. There are conditions that must be met in order to submit this petition, which are listed on the Grade Forgiveness petition web page. There is also a specific deadline each semester by which the petition form must be submitted. You should meet with your academic advisor to discuss using a Grade Forgiveness, however you may submit the petition on your own without an appointment with an advisor.

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