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Education Directory

Education Directory

You may be interested in professional development or have program, licensure, or endorsement questions; or you may need to contact an instructor or supervisor for reasons related to your current work with them.

Front row (L-R): Dr. Rodgers, Dr. Warner, Dr. Subedi, Dr. Erchick, Dr. Dornoo, Dr. Lightbody
Second row: Erika McCleese, Edie Norlin, Dr. T. Higgins, Dr. C. Higgins, Dr. Hessler Back row: Lu Ann Bline, Marilyn Ervin

Please contact these faculty for specific questions regarding their areas of expertise

The following faculty are either a part of the Department of Teaching and Learning at Ohio State or the Department of Educational Studies at Ohio State.

Dr. Mary Bendixen-Noe for general pedagogy and early childhood and adolescent development.
Dr. Michael Dornoo for K-12 mathematics education.
Dr. Diana Erchick for K-12 mathematics education.
Dr. Terri Hessler for special education.
Dr. Terry Higgins for K-12 reading and writing literacies.
Dr. Mary Lightbody for K-12 science education.
Dr. Adrian Rodgers for general pedagogy and literacy.
Dr. Binaya Subedi for K-12 social studies and global education
Dr. Christine D. Warner for K-12 children's literature, Process Drama, and literacy.

Please feel free to contact Full and Part Time Faculty and Staff in the Education Programming Directory

Full and Part Time Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Position Extension
Erchick, Diana Program Coordinator for Education; Professor, T&L
Bendixen-Noe, Mary Associate Professor, T&L 69469
Bline, Lu Ann Office Associate 69164
Dawson, Sharon Instructor 69230
Dornoo, Michael Assistant Professor, T&L 69193
Ervin, Marilyn Academic Advisor 69333
Fuerst, Desiree Instructional Aids Associate (ECC) 69230
Hessler, Terri Associate Professor, ESSPED 49544
Johnson, Patricia Instructor 69230
Kaschak, Mary Curriculum Center 69230
Lightbody, Mary Assistant Professor, T&L 69353
Main, Alice Instructor 69230
McCleese, Erika Lecturer 69344
Norlin, Edie Lecturer 69252
Paulin, Juli
Field Placement Coordinator/Lecturer 69288
Parrish, Peggy Instructor 69230
Pellegrin, Kathy Instructor 69230
Ridenbaugh, Edna
Instructional Aids Assistant 69230
Rodgers, Adrian Associate Professor, T&L 69261
Snyder, Alice Lecturer 57899
Subedi, Binaya Associate Professor, T&L 69269
Trautmann, Peter Instructor 69230
Warner, Christine D. Associate Professor, T&L 69401
Wysocki, Carrie Lecturer 69230