The Ohio State University at Newark

History Club


Who are we?

We are a group of people who actually like history. We don’t sit around and talk about history all of the time. We don’t debate (usually) what would have happened during the American Civil War if the South had AK-47s. We are just a bunch of people, some history majors, who just have taken a bunch of history classes and have developed friendships from those classes. We welcome students and faculty from both The Ohio State University and the Central Ohio Technical College.

What do we do?

Our first and only goal is to have fun. Movie nights, cool trips to watch the Cleveland Indians play, going to the zoo, visiting foreign countries (well, nagihciM should be a foreign country), etc., etc.

We also believe that part of having fun is helping others through community service. During the 2004-2005 school year, we raised almost four hundred dollars for Habitat for Humanity. We adopted twenty-eight kids in the Adopt-A-Child Program, making sure that local children had a wonderful Christmas. We raised almost three hundred dollars for Operation Feed. We were active in Campus Commitment. Since then, we also have raised more than four thousand dollars for the Salvation Army and also donated nearly three tons of food to the Licking County Food Pantry, not to mention numerous other activities.

We also believe that feeding the hungry, including students, is also fun. We usually have free pizza at our meetings. We sponsor picnics, where we pig out on brats and burgers. The food is ALWAYS free.

We also do crazy things like trying to see how many people we can cram into a jeep, make wagers on how many times the faculty advisor will set himself on fire, and plot ways to rule the world.

We do also do educational things, including having guest speakers come to campus, visit museums for behind the scenes tours, etc., etc.

The key to our organization, though, is to have fun and to make a difference. Come over to the Dark Side!


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mike Mangus --

Student Director: Bryce Jones --

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