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History 3191

History 3191 is the Department of History's internship course. The class is graded on an "A" to "E" scale and is worth three credit hours. The course is offered in the Autumn and Spring Semesters, and special arrangements can be made to enroll in it during Summer Semester. The primary requirement for the class is that students volunteer at some site for a total of forty hours over the course of the semester. Most students volunteer for five hours per week for eight weeks. Students primarily volunteer at historical societies or museums, but others have worked for newspapers, for political parties, and for candidates or for officials in public office. The course is especially beneficial to history, political science, and education majors, although any student with an interest in history or public service would gain some useful experience.

For additional information or to enroll, please contact Dr. Mike Mangus at or (740) 366-9196

Local museums, government agencies, political parties, archives, schools, and educational organizations are seeking interns. Consider taking History 3191 to gain valuable work experience in the “real world” that can translate to employment upon completing your degree.

Some internship tasks currently available include:

  • Preserving clothing from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Digitalizing government records for easier access.
  • Helping to promote National History Day in Ohio.
  • Helping to prepare a science and history summer camp.
  • Working in an archaeology lab.
  • Helping to secure World Heritage Status for the Newark Earthworks