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Will it be you to join a transformational experience program?


If you are a second-year student who graduated from high school between October 2020–September 2021, you are eligible to join Ohio State’s college success program for 2022-2023. Fill out the survey below to indicate your interest and we will be in touch.

STEP students meet weekly in the autumn with a faculty mentor and a group of peers to develop personal and professional skills. In the spring they apply for up to $2,000 in funds to pay for study abroad, an internship, creative activities, leadership training or service learning work.

If you plan to be primarily on the Columbus campus next year, you can apply to be a STEP participant ON THE COLUMBUS CAMPUS by making sure the “I’m interested” box is checked on your housing renewal form that you will receive via your university e-mail in February. For more information about STEP across the university, visit or contact

To indicate your interest in joining or learning more about STEP at Newark:

To ask questions: email