The Ohio State University at Newark

2018 Ohio State Newark Homecoming Court

Congratulations to The Ohio State University at Newark
2018 Homecoming Queen Arisha Rahman and King Zachary Sparks


Court members are chosen based on their academic success, leadership qualities, spirit, integrity and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State Newark. The Court selection process begins with a paper application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by the Campus Homecoming Committee. The scores from the paper application and interview are combined and the court is announced. The student body will then vote on the queen and king. The announcement and coronation of the Newark Homecoming Court Queen and King takes place on the day before the Homecoming game at the Ohio State Longaberger Alumni House in Columbus.

For additional information or questions, please contact Erin Hill, Coordinator for Student Involvement at 740.755.7232or email

Back row, l to r: 2017 King Chuck Cayton, 2018 King Zachary Sparks, Dean/Director William L. MacDonald, Andrew Luckett, Mitchell Mullins
Front row, l to r: 2017 Queen Franchesica Kidd, Nicole Espinoza De Montreuil, 2018 Queen Arisha Rahman, Ciana Roush

Nicole Espinoza De Montreuil

Year: Junior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Lima, Peru

A class that changed my life: Native American History with Dr. Murphy. She made lessons interactive and made you feel excited about coming to class. Every day I would come home and teach my family what I learned in class. Being in Dr. Murphy’s class motivated me to pursue a minor in history. I want to learn as much as I can from the past, because it matters in the present.

Best college experience so far: Definitively becoming president of Student Government. I met some of the kindest and most hard-working group of individuals I have ever met in my life. Throughout the year, we tried to better the life of students here at the Newark and COTC campus. We did not just focus on the students on campus, but also on how we could give back to our community. To help your community while knowing you are making the people around you happy is the best feeling ever.

One piece of advice: One thing I have learned in life, is that we need to stop thinking there is a “right way” to do things. People think there is a specific plan in life that you have to follow, but I find that to be false. Whatever path you choose to take, make sure it makes you happy and that you are following your dreams and taking as much time as you need to get there. Do not forget to stay true to yourself throughout the process of getting there.

Favorite TV show: The Ellen Show & the Daily Show

Favorite movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Favorite song: Chantaje by Shakira ft. Maluma

Student Involvement:

  • Member, Phi Sigma Theta NHS
  • Member, Student Cultural Council
  • Member, DECA Intl. Business Organization
  • President, Student Government
  • Member, Teaching Excellence Award Committee

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: Being a Buckeye means that you are a part of this life-long community that will uplift and support you no matter what. It is both a responsibility and honor to your community, and it is definitely something every Buckeye should take great pride in! Being a Buckeye also means that you will always know the answer to the call “O-H!”

Arisha Rahman

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

A class that changed my life: Through my psychology class, Memory and Cognition, and with the help of my psychology professors I was able to figure out how I study the best. As a result, I am less intimidated by challenging tests. I plan on going to grad school to get a doctorate in occupational therapy and the study skills I have learned through this class will help me succeed in that doctorate program.

Best college experience so far: One experience stands out from the rest; being a Resident Advisor (RA) at the Ohio State Newark dorms. The sense of responsibility I have gained through being an RA as well as holding officer positions for multiple student organizations are skills that will guide me in my future career, as well as when I become a parent.

One piece of advice: Take advantage of all of the opportunities offered at Ohio State Newark. Even if you plan to transfer to Columbus campus, don’t be afraid to get involved here. Rather than limiting my opportunities, a smaller campus such as Newark has given me a voice to help lead change in the community.

Favorite TV show: The Fosters

Favorite movie: 3 Idiots

Favorite song: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Student Involvement:

  • Student Rep, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council
  • Residence Hall Resident Advisor (RA)
  • Psychology Lab Monitor at OSU Newark 2017-2018
  • President PsiChi Honors Society (Psychology)
  • President Student Cultural Council
  • Vice President, Treasurer Introspect Psychology Club
  • Officer (Outreach) Student Government
  • Vice President, Event Planner of BSA (Bangladesh Student Association) at Columbus campus
  • Vice President of Community Outreach Committee
  • Member of MSA (Muslim Student Association) at Columbus campus
  • Vice President ASL (American Sign Language)

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: I believe that to be a Buckeye is to strive for excellence, not just as a student but in every role you acquire. It is more than just about what you do at Ohio State it’s about developing the person you choose to become in the long run and is also about unity and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Ciana Roush

Year: Senior
Major: Business Management
Hometown: Canal Winchester, Ohio

A class that changed my life: One class that has changed my mindset was a class I took last semester, psychology- stereotyping and prejudice. I learned a lot about how to think while in others’ shoes and to be more open-minded about those from a group of difference, people from a minority group.

Best college experience so far: The best college experience I have had so far has to be the collection of memories I have from all of the new friends I have made. I have made friends in many different areas while at Newark, those who lived at the dorms with me, jobs that were on and off-campus, and within the classroom.

One piece of advice: Always be on the lookout for a new adventure.

Favorite TV show: Bill Nye: Saves the World

Favorite movie: The Lion King

Favorite song: Happier by Ed Sheeran

Student Involvement:

  • Resident Advisor for 2 years
  • Advising/Admissions Office Receptionist
  • Member, Newark Pride
  • Dean’s List
  • Resident Manager for 1 year

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: To be a Buckeye means to hold your integrity above all else, achieve all that you want, and have passion for everything that you do!

Andrew Luckett

Year: Junior
Major: History
Hometown: Newark, Ohio

A class that changed my life: A class that changed my life: History 2650 with Dr. Mangus. It helped me decide to change my major to History.

Best college experience so far: My best experience was being elected as Student Government Treasurer.

One piece of advice: Invest in yourself and avoid debt.

Favorite TV show: The Andy Griffith Show

Favorite movie: It's A Wonderful Life

Favorite song: Annie's Song by John Denver

Student Involvement:

  • LeFevre Fellowship
  • Student Government
  • Dean’s List

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: To be a Buckeye is to be a member of an elite family that enhances every aspect of learning, service and social responsibility.

Mitchell Mullins

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Newark, Ohio

A class that changed my life: My intro to Humanities class with professor Evans changed my life. While taking his class I not only had the opportunity to learn about the wonderful material he taught, but it also helped me discover my passion for immersing myself in other cultures.

Best college experience so far: My best experience so far was the wonderful experience traveling to Germany with professor Evans and Dr. Brown.

One piece of advice: My one piece of advice would be to make time to enjoy the little things that really make college worth experiencing.

Favorite TV show: Shark Tank / The Profit

Favorite movie: Uncle Buck

Favorite song: La Grange by ZZ Top

Student involvement:

  • Dean’s List
  • Administrative Assistant, Student Life

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: Being a Buckeye means responsibility, compassion, commitment and countless opportunities to better yourself, your peers and your community.

Zachary Sparks

Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Huntsville, Ohio

A class that changed my life: One class that has changed my life would be the psychology of stereotyping and prejudice. Through that class I got to meet with someone who has lived with physical disabilities her whole life. Being able to hear her story and input on the world was increasingly enlightening and something I will cherish as I move towards my goals.

Best college experience so far: My best college experience so far has easily been the great people I’ve been able to meet. They’ve already added so many wonderful things to my life is such a short time and will help make college such a influential moment in my life.

One piece of advice: One piece of advice I would give is to question everything; literally everything. Everything deserves critique!

Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad

Favorite movie: Gladiator (even though it's incredibly inaccurate)

Favorite song: I Could Have Lied by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Student Involvement:

  • President, Introspect Psychology Club
  • President, Community Outreach Committee
  • Residence Hall Resident Advisor

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: To me, being a Buckeye means being a part of a movement larger than myself: a movement that brings a modern-day education to local Ohioans and students from around the world.