The Ohio State University at Newark

2019 Ohio State Newark Homecoming Court

The Ohio State University at Newark senior social work major Julie Reminder of Cleveland and junior communications technology major Abdirahman (Abdi) Farah of Borama, Somalia, were crowned Newark campus Homecoming queen and king during ceremonies at the Longaberger Alumni House, Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, October 4. The 2018 Homecoming King Zach Sparks and Queen Arisha Rahman were also in attendance to crown their successors. Read more or to view the Coronation photo album click here.

McKenzie Lanigan

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Mount Liberty, Ohio

A class that changed my life: Learning about deaf culture with Jamie Bruner change my life. When you take American Sign Language (ASL) you are not just learning the language, you are also learning about what deaf culture is and the different aspects of it. Before I took ASL, I had no idea that deaf culture existed. This class opened my eyes to an interesting and unique human experience that I had never considered before.

Best college experience so far: Working as a Peer Writing Consultant (PWC) at the Ohio State Newark Writer’s Studio. Being able to help students grow as writers and give them confidence in their writing has been incredibly rewarding. I now have many wonderful relationships with students, fellow PWC’s, and professors that I never would have had if it weren’t for being employed at the Writer’s Studio.

One piece of advice: Make connections on campus. So many people just come to class then leave when it is over. For me, a valuable part of my college experience has been creating relationships and connections to other students and faculty. Having a job on campus is a great way to make connections. Tutoring has allowed me to connect with my peers in a rewarding way. Another way to connect is to join a student organization. There are so many wonderful organizations with amazing people in them who work hard to impact the lives of others positively.

Favorite TV show: House, M.D.

Favorite movie: Moonlight

Favorite song: Chanel by Frank Ocean

Student Involvement:

  • Participant, Buckeye Generation Learning Community
  • Peer Writing Consultant, Writer’s Studio
  • President, Introspect Psychology Club for 2019-20
  • Officer, Psi Chi Honor Society for 2019-2020
  • Member, Students Pursuing Change

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: To me being a Buckeye means helping others in any capacity I can; I may not be able to donate a million dollars to a great cause, but I can take the time to sit and talk with a fellow student who might be feeling overwhelmed.

Julie Reminder

Year: Senior
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

A class that changed my life: History 2630 - History of Modern Sexualities (taught by Dr. James Weeks).

Best college experience so far: Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity during Spring Break 2019.

One piece of advice: You have nothing to lose by making an effort.

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite movie: Mama Mia

Favorite song: Sweet Disasters by Dreamers

Student Involvement:

  • President, American Sign Language Student Organization
  • President, Campus Habitat for Humanity
  • President, Community Outreach Committee
  • Residence Hall Advisor

What does it mean to be a Buckeye:

To be a Buckeye is to be motivated in respect to creating a more positive and inclusive reality for yourself and others.

Aramis Jamel Sanders

Year: Junior
Major: Early Childhood Development
Hometown: Anderson, Indiana

A class that changed my life: I know this sounds crazy but Math 1135. Dr. Rao has to be the best math instructor I’ve ever had.

Best college experience so far: I’ve really enjoyed meeting fellow early childhood education students. It feels like I’ve known some of them all my life.

One piece of advice: Determine your purpose and make everything else align within it.

Favorite TV show: Veronica Mars if I’m being honest, but right now The Last OG

Favorite movie: Depends...last night it was My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Favorite song: I love music so there are too many to name. Manolo, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Focus, I Shall wear a crown, Sara Smile... the list goes on.

Student Involvement:

  • Laurel Collegiate Society
  • Volunteer, Diversity through Artistry
  • Member, Community Outreach Committee

What does it mean to be a Buckeye:

Being a Buckeye means that you have the knowledge, support and excellence to lead in your community.

Stone Adams

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio

A class that changed my life: The class Positive Psychology, taught by Janice McLean changed my life. This class showed me that I have an interest in psychology, and I declared myself a psychology major while taking it. The class was more than talking about happiness, it opened me up to a new way of thinking and to different ideas about the world around me.

Best college experience so far: Becoming a Residence Hall Advisor has been my best experience so far. Meeting new people and challenging myself to be more than just a typical college student. The job challenges me to think inclusively and holistically, has allowed me to grow personally and professionally and learn how to be a better person. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to become a Resident Advisor. and I am now considering a career in higher education.

One piece of advice: Seek opportunities to grow and learn, because you will find many at Ohio State Newark. Say hello to your professors and visit them during office hours, meet your advisor, create a study group, make new friends and laugh with the dining staff. It is within your power to shape your college experience, and you should strive to create a life on this campus. Get involved in clubs and organizations, and if you can’t find something you have the opportunity to create your own club.

Favorite TV show: WWE, wrestling in general

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite song: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

Student Involvement:

  • Member, Introspect Psychology Club
  • Member, Community Council
  • Resident Advisor (RA), Residence Halls
  • Residence Hall: Conference Assistant
  • Member, Students Pursuing Change

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: Being a Buckeye means having an opportunity to get a great education while being involved on campus, finding ways to change the world and making the campus better for the students that will attend after me. It is an honor to be called a Buckeye, because it means a lot when we go out into the world and yell “O-H” and always hear people reply “I-O!” Go Bucks!!

Abdirahman Farah

Year: Junior
Major: Communication Technology
Hometown: Borama, Somalia

A class that changed my life: Statistics 1350 with Dr. Turkmen changed my life. One of the only profs who taught me how to think, as opposed to what to think. She cares about her student’s success and wants everyone to be a good critical thinker. I was never good at math or data analysis, but during her class, I was able to figure out how to collect data; and think through the analysis carefully.

Best college experience so far: During my sophomore year of college with the help of my professor, Michael Mangus, I got an internship with Simakovsky Law Firm. The entire staff was amazing; the work was interesting; and the opportunities for networking, and learning more about the legal field. This internship helps me decided to go to a Law school. Another great part of the experience was working with the staff, and managing Twitter accounts, and other social media accounts. Also, I met great people around the campus and our amazing professors who are always willing to help you out, if you have questions.

One piece of advice: My one piece of advice would be, don’t be the victim be the victor.

Favorite TV show: Stranger Things

Favorite movie: Obsessed

Favorite song: Better by Khalid

Student involvement:

  • Dean's List
  • Student Ambassador, Office of Student Life
  • Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge
  • Propel Ohio Collegiate Leadership Summit 2018
  • Member of MSA (Muslim Student Association) at Columbus Campus

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: To me, being a Buckeye means being a part of Buckeye nation who empower students to strive for excellence both academically and socially. It’s like a family helping you every step on your journey, and providing you all the tools that you need to succeed.

Jesse T. McAndrew

Year: Junior
Major: Business Management
Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio

A class that changed my life: Intro to Humanities and Technology, Science, and Society with Cheryl Cash reshaped the way that I look at the world. These classes helped me evaluate and change my personal use of technology and helped shape the way I view culture, ethics, art, literature, and even technology as an expression of humanity. Ms. Cash also helped me get out of my shell and assisted me in developing my public speaking skills.

Best college experience so far: My best college experience so far was being selected for the Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program. I was selected out of 150 Ohio State students to represent the university and help celebrate 150 years of excellence and academic achievement. Getting to meet Ohio State’s President Michael Drake (for the third time!) and meeting Provost Bruce McPheron at the Roads Scholars Tour was also an enlightening experience.

One piece of advice: Always be true to yourself and stow away any fear you have. Never give up – it will never be too late to change your life. Life is too short to not go after what you want and not become the person you were always meant to be. Close your eyes and picture what you want – now, take it!

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite movie: Toy Story

Favorite song: Talk by Kahlid

Student Involvement:

  • Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program
  • Two-Year President and Team Captain, BuckeyeThon Newark Regional Team
  • President, Campus Activities Board
  • Treasurer and Residence Hall Liaison, Student Government
  • Two-Year Residence Hall Advisor

What does it mean to be a Buckeye: I believe that being a Buckeye means that you have the opportunity to be a leader and join an amazing life-long community of unique and talented individuals. Being a Buckeye means you can change the world and be part of something bigger than yourself.